Bofoakwa Tano condemn hooliganism, vow action against perpetrators

Published on: 20 November 2023

Bofoakwa Tano have issued a strong statement condemning the hooliganism displayed by some spectators after their Ghana Premier League match against Nsoatreman on Sunday.

Despite the 0-0 draw, the post-match events have overshadowed the game, particularly the attack on Nsoatreman coach Maxwell Konadu, players, and match officials.

In the official statement, the club expressed deep concern over behaviours that defy the principles of respect, camaraderie, and fair competition in sports.

The club emphasised the need for immediate and resolute action to address the issue, stating, "The instances of violence and disorder at various football matches not only tarnish the image of the sport but also pose a threat to the safety of all individuals present."

Bofoakwa Tano FC revealed that they are working closely with the Ghana Police Service, Nsoatreman Football Club, and other relevant stakeholders to identify and hold accountable the perpetrators of the unsporting behaviour.

The club concluded the statement by renewing its commitment to promoting the positive values of sportsmanship and standing in solidarity with all those who uphold the spirit of fair play and respect in football.

Konadu, who was hospitalised after the incident, is reportedly responding well to treatment.

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