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Betdaq bookmakers are offering 0% commision on every Saturday in June to all of their new and existing customers. Betdaq usually keeps 2% commission on many kinds of sporting events. However, if you qualify for this promotion,deposit and bet on Saturdays then you will not lose anything. Register on Betdaq and place your bets on Saturdays on any event you like until the end of June, since the promotion will expire.

What do I need to do to get this bonus?

  1. Register on Betdaq,
  2. Fill in your necessary personal data (first name, last name, currency etc. ) in the required fields,
  3. Make a deposit and place your bets only on Saturdays during June,
  4. Betdaq will not hold any commision and you can place your bets with no odds and rollover requirement.

Pros and Cons:

+ There are no requirements and limits for deposit
+ There are no wagering and rollover requirements for free bet
– You have to deposit and bet only on Saturdays


  • Before claiming this exchange promotion it is important that you read these promotional terms & conditions carefully as they contain important information about the terms on which this promotion can be claimed. You will be required to agree to these promotional terms & conditions when claiming this exchange promotion. In particular, please familiarise yourself with the restrictions summarised below.
  • These Promotional Terms & Conditions apply to this Exchange Promotion. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms & Conditions.These terms can be accessed here.
  1. Promotional Period
  • This Exchange Promotion is available to qualifying customers every Saturday in June 2021  (Promotional Period).
  • 1 – 00:01 05.06.2021 until 23:59 05.06.2021
  • 2 – 00:01 12.06.2021 until 23:59 12.06.2021
  • 3 – 00:01 19.06.2021 until 23:59 19.06.2021
  • 4 – 00:01 26.06.2021 until 23:59 26.06.2021
  • If we decide to withdraw this Exchange Promotion, this will not impact any Qualifying Bets you have placed during the Promotional Period before such withdrawal.
  • After the Promotion Period ends, all Exchange Markets will default to the BETDAQ standard rate of commission.
  • All bets must be settled within the Promotional Period for the reduced Commission rate to apply.
  1. Who qualifies for this 0% commission promotion
  • This Exchange Promotion is open to new and existing BETDAQ Exchange customers aged 18 years or older.
  • This promotion is only available to customers who registered from an accepted territory, as per BETDAQ’s terms and conditions
  • Customers whose accounts are closed before the date the qualifying bet is settled will not qualify for this Exchange Promotion.
  • This Promotion is not available to API or Commission Deal customers.
  • Employees of the Promoter, any advertising agency or web company connected with the promoter or any such person’s agents or members of their families or households, are not eligible to participate in this Exchange Promotion. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.
  1. How to claim this exchange promotion
  • No opt-in is necessary to claim this Exchange Promotion.
  • All Exchange Markets will have a reduced rate of 0% Commission during the Promotion Period stated above.
  • Fixed Odds, Virtual Sports, Games and Multiples bets are excluded from this promotion.
  • The 0% commission rate will not apply to bets placed in the ante-post markets.
  1. Important Terms
  • Promoter: LC International Limited
  • We reserve the right to change, end or restrict your access to any 0% Commission Promotion, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
  • We may place restrictions on your account, including deposit restrictions, in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. We will not be responsible should these restrictions affect your ability to complete the requirements of this promotion and/or to release any bonus, benefits or prizes.

Bookmaker Rating’s Conclusion

The offer at Betdaq gives you a very good opportunity to bet on Saturdays and not worry about any commision. Just register on Betdaq, make your deposits and place bets only on Saturdays and Betdaq will hold 0% percent commision from you so that you can enjoy your betting. For more detailed information, you can have a look at  our review on Betdaq.

If you have any questions, the Bookmaker Rating Support Service will be happy to help: [email protected].


  1. What Is the Betdaq commission?
    The commission charged by Betdaq is 0% on all events except soccer, horse racing, greyhounds, cricket, and virtual sports, where the commission rate can be  2%.
  2. Are the promo codes for Betdaq promotions?
    There are a couple of bonus and promo codes that you need to use in order to get your desired bonus or free bet. During registration you can enter the bonus and promo codes and follow the rules for each promotion.
  3. How to deposit money with Betdaq?
    The options with Betdaq for depositing money are limited. You can make your deposits via VISA/Mastercard debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfer. 
  4. How long does it take to deposit money with Betdaq?
    All the deposits are fully processed instantly regardless of what type of payment method you use.
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