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Arthur Vardanian
Azurians, the time has come, a major milestone in the journey of Azuro has been achieved. After almost a full year of painstaking development and marketing – the Azuro mainnet is here.

With mainnet officially here, we’re delighted to announce the very first front-end that has been built on Azuro has officially been launched.

This trustless and transparent sportsbook betting UX on-chain offers many traditional betting features currently lacking in decentralized betting

You will now be able to place real money bets and experience a fully decentralized and permissionless Web3 experience bettors have been waiting on for years!

We would like to introduce you to…


XYZ is a symbol of the new programmable internet: web3, crypto, blockchain.

bookmaker.XYZ is the first of its kind betting service built directly into the internet.

Here, there is no company (no “bookmaker” or “house”) to take your money and your bets and make decisions on where it will end up.

Your money is your money. Always. Unlike traditional web2 bookmakers (bet365, WilliamHill, Draftkings, and all the others) where you have to deposit your money, so that you can bet,with bookmaker.XYZ you never make deposits.

Sadly, it is a common occurrence in the industry for bookmakers to withhold players’ funds unfairly and without explanation.

When you bet, your money is locked into blockchain smart-contracts which have predetermined outcomes. Once the game/event finishes – the contract allows you to claim your winnings (if you won). 

Players do not need to jump through hoops to bet on bookmaker.XYZ, as long as there is money in their wallet, they can bet. Additionally, an extremely exciting feature is the ability to act as “the house” by providing liquidity and earning an impressive yield generated by bookmaker.XYZ.

bookmaker.XYZ can and will never withhold your money or decide if or when you get your winnings. It simply has no access to it.

To support the launch of the bookmaker. XYZ, we have sent the XYZ team a number of NFTs which will be used as a giveaway for users who join their Discord during the first week. Head over to their Discord for details (Invite link below).

The fun doesn’t stop there. The XYZ team have a variety of different community promotions launching in tandem with XYZ Discord roles, GNO tokens and prizes up for grabs!!

We would also like to announce that early supporters of the frontends built on Azuro will be rewarded. We put the community at the forefront of everything we do, much like classic AMMs such as Uniswap & 1Inch put their community first… We will do the same.

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