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26 feedbacks

Sabina Fleischmann Beginner

I use the services of the office with pleasure, Cute design, user-friendly interface.Cute design, user-friendly interface

27.05.2022 pm31 16:23
Abdul Aziffi Beginner

I’ve been a regular user here for a long time. And I can tell you that Betway is one of the best betting sites in Ghana. The pre-match betting options are vast, especially for soccer. The inplay markets and odds are very sexy))) And they always have special promo-codes and offers. Nice place to have some enjoy in game. 5 stars from me

08.04.2022 pm30 14:14
Agyeman Mensah Beginner

Man Betway’s site is exceptional. I really like that theyve taken good care of their site, even the design is cool. Betting here is really easy and smooth thanks to their site. One of the best bettign experiences that ive had!

11.03.2024 pm31 18:01
Sika Asamoah Beginner

Betway quickly became my favourite bookmaker and ive been a huge fan for almost a year now. The odds are excellent here, and i like the fact that Betway’s live betting is always working perfectly well. Awesome bookie with awesome features!

15.01.2024 am31 11:01
Araba Quaye Beginner

Im a bit new at Betway, so i signed up and deposited a quite large amount and i didint have any problems at all. I was able to sign up realy quick, and i immeditaley started place my bets. The site was very easy to navigate, and really user friendly

03.12.2023 pm31 13:48
Afia Adu Beginner

Excellent bookameker with amazing features that work well. I really enjoy using live betting, cz it also helps be decide my bets better, and at Betway, lvie betting works really well. They’ve also really improved their customer support team, now they’re much faster and more responsive

05.11.2023 pm30 16:54
Agyeman Asare Beginner

Betway surpsied me with their creativity. They are a unique bookmaker cz almost everything they have is excellent. I like bookies that take care of their customers, but not only that, Betway also respects their customers enough, to give them good odds

01.03.2024 pm31 14:24
Kwabena Amoah Beginner

Betway has never disappointed me in any way. Betting here is one of the easiest things to do, because the site is very easy to use, and they’ve made the interface user friendly, which has made navigation very easy

12.02.2024 pm29 21:20
Ayodele Adu Beginner

Betway is excellent, and they have improved the small glitch that their app had. Their site and app, both of them are very good and most gamblers will be satisfied. My experience was fantastic, and im gonna remain a loyal customer

11.02.2024 pm29 15:57
Kojo Tawiah Beginner

Betway is for sure in the top 5 bookies and it will always be there. For me, they are an amazing option for most bettors, even if you’re a novice, you will still be able to maka lots of profits here

08.02.2024 pm29 16:31
Elikem Yawson Beginner

Betway will always be the best bookmaker for me, especially cz the features work well here, unlike with some other bookies, the live betting feature here is actually helpful and i really enjoy it. Really well done, and their app is worth checking out too, awesome work.

09.01.2024 am31 11:27
Dela Ampofo Beginner

I think most of us can agree that Betway is one of the best bookmakers, well for me, its the best. They always have the best odds and they’re always ready to respond to all of my questions when i contact them. The guys are professionals!

25.12.2023 pm31 22:14
Yao Donkor Beginner

Betway is way better than most other bookies that i have tried or my friends suggested. These guys have the best bonues for sure. No other bookmaker provides us with bonuses as good as Betway. Other than the bonues, Betway is good andi dont think they have lots of competitors

03.12.2023 pm31 13:52
Mawuli Agyapong Beginner

If you havent tried Betway yet then you’re missing out on alot. Their odds are some of the best out there, but its not just that, its also about their customer support. They’re excellent, and they effectively solve all the issues that i contact them for.

03.12.2023 pm31 13:22
Amina Dzamesi Beginner

I started betting at Betway like 2 months ago, and it quickly became my favourite bookmaker cz the odds they offer are excellent, and they always let me withdraw my money whenever i want! Withdrawals are almsot instant and i reallylike it

25.11.2023 pm30 21:34
Akua Darko Beginner

I have been using Betway for more than a year, and I think it is the best bookmaker out there. The site is so organized and userfriendly, so it is great for all gamblers, be it a novice or an expert. Also, this bookie never scams or steals, so rest assured when you deposit a huge sum

04.11.2023 pm30 15:13
Akosua Osei Beginner

The site’s layout is great and i really love the game play. I think their site is excellent. The withdrawals are also pretty good, there was only once where my withdrawal was still pending for more than 3 days. Usually, it is processed in two days

28.10.2023 pm31 22:25
Yaw Tetteh Beginner

When i first started betting here, i already liked everything from the start. So when it came to the withdrawals, i was hoping that its a fast and easy process. I was happy that it was easy, and I received my funds within 24 hours

08.03.2024 pm31 21:56
Michael Adom Beginner

Hello, I am from Ghana, and i wanted to say that Betway is an amazing bookmaker, and the amount of time ive spent here was worth it, and its still worth it. Easy and huge wins here are common.

04.03.2024 am31 11:32
Kofi Adjei Beginner

Its been a long time since i started betting here, and for me, this is one of the best bookmakers. They’ve got lots of games, a cool lay out. But what matters most are the excellent odds that Betway offers. Everything here is awesome, and I hope to see some updates regarding the bonuses

28.10.2023 pm31 22:22
Kodjo Tetteh Beginner

To be honest Betway has nothing impressive to offer. They’re just mediocre in everything, be it the odds, the bonuses, the diversity in betting markets and sports. Customer support is available only if you’re lucky, atleast they answer whe they’re available. But anyway, Betway is highly overrated, cz they dont have anything impressive, even their live betting gets stuck from time to time which can be super annyoing.

03.12.2023 pm31 13:34
Kwaku Nkrumah Beginner

This bookmaker needs a serious makeover, starting from their customer support. The only thing they’ve got good for them are their odds, but whats the point of having good odds of the site is trash and takes an hour just to place a bet? Coming to the customer support issue, they’re really rude, the best they do is leave you on read, the worst they’ve done is make me feel stupid. Just do your job without making anyone feel disrespected.

04.11.2023 pm30 15:41
Emmanuel Frimpong Beginner

I was actually very disappointed. Many gamblers hype this bookie up way too much, its so overrated and im sure many other bettors will agree with me. The problem with 1xbet is that while the odds are alright, the withdrawals are very problematic. When i win, i want to withdraw my winnings. I contacted their customer support team but they never solved the issue and now my money is stuck

04.03.2024 am31 11:02
Kweku Amissah Beginner

I think Betway need to work on their site cz. For example, their live betting feature is always glitchy, i wanna use the live betting feature but i cant cz I simply cant! The site is also very unorganized, its such a headache betting here. I guess i gotta find a bookie that lets me place bets easily, and ditch such bookies. Not worth the time and the headache, Forget about it

09.02.2024 am29 09:37
Ato Asumang Beginner

Its quite disappointing to find a bookie that is famous be so bad. I wanted to try Betway as a safe option, but it turned out to be one of the worst bookies ive ever gambled at. Betway really needs to fix its withdrawal system. Its been 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS and i still havent received my money, im really considering changing my bookie cz this is unacceptable. Even the most amateur bookie wouldnt let you wait more than a week.

09.01.2024 am31 10:54
Kwame Donkor Beginner

Betway is one of the worsst bookmaker, and its very disappointing. The main problem with this bookmaker is their site. its just too slow and full of isseues. But it doesnt stop here, i contacted theiri customer team several times, to fix these problems, and they did nothing about it. It has been a disappointing experience and i wont continue betting here. Wouldnt recommend

29.03.2024 pm31 19:20
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