Frances Tiafoe vs Marcos Giron: Prediction and Bet by Pavel Kirichenko

01:00, 06 apr 2022
01:00, 06 apr 2022
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Professional capper and expert of Bookmaker Rating Pavel Kirichenko has prepared a bet on the match of the ATP tournament in Houston between Francis Tiafu and Marcos Giron.
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At the tournament in Houston, Tiafou and Chiron will play in the first round.

Bookmaker Ratings: Prediction One – Frances Tiafoe Win

Bookmaker Ratings: Prediction Two – Marcos Giron Win

Bookmaker Ratings: Prediction One – Handicap (-0.5) games for Frances Tiafoe– 1.50.

A confrontation is almost inevitable in a match between two compatriots at a home event. Furthermore, it’s as if the adventure-seeking gene has been implanted in both of them in their fifth point – by the way, both of them rarely manage to win confidently in two sets and lose. The same can be said for more local clashes inside sets – if Francis or Marcus make a break, they rarely keep it to win the set, which appears to be a classic in men’s tennis. In turn, submitting to the break, both frequently discover means, sometimes the most non-obvious, to eliminate the opponent’s advantage.

It’s hardly fun to gamble against a tie-break in a match with such “nasty” players. The bookmaker’s offer is the sole and most crucial factor that forces you to make such a decision. On the ground, a coefficient of little more than 1.9 appears to be excessive, albeit quite specific.

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ATP Houston
01:00/6 apr
Frances Tiafoe vs Marcos Giron
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