Geje Esutaquio vs Yong Hu🥊(One Championship 164): Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 03/12/22 | News & Preview

01:00, 03 dec 2022
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On December 3 the Philippine capital Manila There will be a curious tournament between Filipino bantamweight Geje Esutaquio and Chinese bantamweight Yong Hu. The fighters are ready to determine the best in a head-to-head fight. The fight will take place at the tournament ONE on Prime Video 5 at 01:00 UK time.
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Fight Result Geje Eustaquio to win

Yong will fight aggressively in the clinch, often breaking through combinations and looking to knock out his opponent. Geje acts more cautiously, preferring to score points with his pressing and control to pick up wins by decision from the judges. With that in mind, I expect a slow fight that will last at least two rounds.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Geje Eustaquio vs Yong Hu

Geje Eustaquio: Gravity

The 33-year-old Filipino, Geje Esutaqio, has been entering the octagon since 2011. His style is built on gradual scoring through active pressing. In August 2019, Esutaqio lost to Yuya “Litlle Piranha” Wakamatsu (by knockout) before picking up two straight victories. “Gravity” won fights against Toni “Dynamite” Tauru (by knockout) and Min Jung “Running Man” Song (by decision of the judges).

Yong Hu: Wolf Warrior

The 26-year-old Chinese Yong Hu has been in mixed martial arts since 2016. He has excellent striking technique. At ONE Championship: Winter Warriors, “Wolf Warrior” lost to Yuya “Litlle Piranha” Wakamatsu and broke his five-win winning streak. Yong defeated Yodkaikaew “Y2K” Fairtex (by unanimous decision), Zhen “Storm” Wang  (by unanimous decision), Huyixibai “Jackal” Chuhayifu (by disqualification), Ketuogesi “The Weilate Warrior” Meng (by knockout) and Zhiyuan Yan (by unanimous decision).

Details and Statistics

Geje Eustaquio: 

Age 33;

Height 1.66;

Weight 61;

Reach 1.69;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 14-8-0;

Wins – 3 KO, 2 Submissions, 9 Decisions;

Losses – 1 KO, 2 Submissions, 5 Decisions.

Yong Hu:

Age – 26;

Height – 1.65;

Weight – 61;

Reach – 1.70;

Stance – Southpaw;

Statistics – 9-4-0;

Wins – 5 KO, 0 Submissions, 3 Decisions,  1 Disqualification;

Losses – 1 KO, 1 Submission, 1 Decision.

Most popular FAQ for Geje Eustaquio vs Yong Hu

Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Phillippines.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

We recommend checking out the odds for the One Championship 164: Geje Eustaquio vs Yong Hu at 1xBet.

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One Championship 164
01:00/3 dec
Geje Eustaquio vs Yong Hu
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