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UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Spivak is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on February 5 at the popular UFC Apex Arena which will host Indonesian Jeka Saragih and Indian Anshul Jubli. In the lightweight division, Jekai and Anshul will face off in the Octagon. They’ve had excellent performances in the previous two rounds and now need to make a decisive push. Both guys are 28 years old and for them, performing in the upcoming event is the chance of a lifetime. Who will manage to pull off a life-saving victory? The fight is planned for 04:00 UK time.
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Fight Result – Jeka Saragih to win

The bookies have a slight favourite with Jubli, but we wouldn’t go so far as to bet on a win for this fighter. He’s too cautious, and has no experience advantage over Saragih, except in terms of height, and his arm span is 175 cm.

We think that Asparido’s aggression and risk appetite will help him to get his opponent with some heavy punches. We don’t rule out the possibility that Anshul will lead the fight and then suddenly run into a lucky punch.

Preliminary review and match prediction for Jeka Saragih vs Anshul Jubli

Jeka Saragih: Si Tendangan Maut

Indonesian fighter Jeka Saragih competed at the Road to UFC tournament in Abu Dhabi, where he knocked out South Korean Won Bin ‘’The Danger’’ Ki in the first round. In doing so, the 28-year-old made it to the finals of the competition and will now compete for a contract with the world’s leading league. He has made all his appearances for the One Pride MMA promotion, where he has amassed a pretty good record. To date ‘’Si Tendangan Maut’’ has 13 wins and two losses to his record.

He is a standout finisher who has only taken one fight to the judges’ decision. He wins most of his fights by knockouts, with eight victories. He has four more victories by submission to his credit.

Anshul Jubli: King of Lions

Indian fighter Anshul Jubli is undefeated at this stage, and has a record of 6-0-0. “King of Lions” has done well for himself in the Matrix Fight Night promotion, where he has spent all his appearances. In the previous Road to UFC, he was only able to defeat South Korean Kyung Pyo ‘’Red Horse’’Kim by a split decision. He is 28 years old, respectively in the prime of his career.

Unlike his future squeezeboxer, ‘’King of Lions’’ is more cautious in his fights. He is steadily accumulating points, inflicting varying degrees of damage with his counterattacks. He has decent footwork which allows him to avoid hard hits.

Details and Statistics

Jeka Saragih: 

Age 28;

Height 1.73;

Weight 71;

Reach 1.75;

Stance – Southpaw;

Statistics – 13-2-0;

Wins – 8 Knockouts, 4 Submissions, 1 Decision;

Losses – 0 Knockouts, 2 Submissions, 1 Decision.

Anshul Jubli:

Age – 28;

Height – 1.82;

Weight – 70.7;

Reach – 1.88;

Stance – Orthodox;

Statistics – 6-0-0;

Wins – 1 Knockout, 1 Submission, 4 Decisions;

Losses – 0 Knockouts, 0 Submissions, 0 Decisions.

Most popular FAQ for Jeka Saragih vs Anshul Jubli

Where will this fixture be played?

The event will take place at UFC Apex, Enterprise Nevada, USA.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

We recommend checking out the odds for the UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Spivak: Jeka Saragih vs Anshul Jubli at 1xBet.

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Single: Lost
UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Spivak
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Jeka Saragih vs Anshul Jubli
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