Manchester City vs Real Madrid – Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 26/04/22, Team News

20:00, 26 apr 2022
Manchester City will host Real Madrid in the first leg of the 2021/22 Champions League 1/2 finals. “Rating Bookmakers” is convinced that the game will be riding. Check out the preview, prediction, and odds for the match.
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Team Form

Gabriel Jesus turned on the turbo mode and knocked out Watford. During the week, City destroyed the Hornets (5:1), and the Brazilian scored poker and an assist.

This victory was the second in a row (and only the second in five matches) for the “citizens”. They kept a minimal lead over Liverpool in the Premier League (only one point).

But Real Madrid won the championship. During the week, Madrid defeated Osasuna (3:1) and kept the lead over Barcelona. He made 15 points. It is still possible to catch up with Madrid, but there is one condition: the Blancos must lose all the remaining matches. And this is already unrealistic.

Benzema, on the other hand, caught him off guard this week. At the same time, Karim missed two penalties. It took the Frenchman barely seven minutes to complete the task. So he interrupted the goal streak, which lasted two matches.

Outcome Bet

Bookmakers give preference to the hosts. Manchester City’s win is 1.51, a draw is 4.80, and Real Madrid’s success is 6.40.

Note that the “citizens” have won the last three head-to-head matches. It was only two years ago. It is better not to take risks and pass by bets on the outcome.

“Real” has already surprised. He was written off at least twice. No one believed that Madrid would beat PSG. The same was said about Chelsea. But Karim Benzema and Co. were surprised. They saved a hopeless streak with Paris and cornered the Blues. In both cases, the duet of Benzema and Vinicius ignited.

Even surprised Manchester City. He scored just one goal in two rounds with Atlético. Moreover, the “mattress” beat the “citizens” the entire second half of the return match. If not for the terrible implementation, we would have seen the derby of Madrid. But the red and white left the opponent in the game.

Therefore, it is better to pass by bets on the outcome of the upcoming meeting.

Handicap Bet

The H2 (+1.5) bet for 1.62 is attractive in the upcoming game, and here’s why. Real Madrid has suffered only one major defeat this season. He received four holes at once from Barcelona. But this was an isolated case. First, Benzema did not play. Secondly, due to injuries, two central defenders fell out at once.

Now Madrid has a complete complex. Benzema also got into a fierce shape. Vinicius turned on. Therefore, talking about the power of the City is not even funny.

“Manchester” scoffs at the outsider but consistently fiddles with the tops. Take even games with Liverpool or Atlético. In all cases, the “citizens” suffered and won only one victory in four matches – over the “mattress” (1:0).

It makes no sense to expect the hosts to breakthrough in the upcoming game. Therefore, the H2 (+1.5) bet for 1.62 seems like a gift from bookmakers.

Bet on totals

Bookmakers are convinced that the game will be riding. Total more goes for 1.66, less – for 2.23. Note that four of the last five matches of the team were riding.

As a result, the bet TM (2.5) for 1.66 in the next game seems intriguing. In an attack, both teams have complete order. The hosts took on the role of Jesus, while the guests took on the part of Benzema. This season has already established itself as Karim’s best. De Bruyne and Vinicius, Mahrez and Asensio are also in the mix.

He returned to Modric, who did not play with Osasuna. He got the day off before going to Manchester. Now Real Madrid has a complete package.

Therefore, the TB (2.5) rate seems to be a gift from the bookmakers.

Manchester City vs Real Madrid bet

I assume that the game will be riding. Both teams have full order in the attack. Therefore, no one will sit on the defensive. It’s just not profitable.

The away goal rule has been abolished. Therefore, the team will show hot football in the first match.

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Manchester City vs Real Madrid
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