Portugal – North Macedonia,Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 29/03/22, Team News and Lineups

21:45, 29 mar 2022
Football journalist, expert of the Bookmaker Rating Artur Petrosyan gave a prediction for the 2022 World Cup qualifier play-off Portugal – North Macedonia.

We are talking about the match Portugal – North Macedonia – a match for the right to enter the World Cup.

To be honest, both teams were lucky. Of course, the Macedonians were more fortunate. It is unlikely that they deserved to win the game with Italy, which inflicted 32 shots on their goal and took 16 corners. In the end, they didn’t score anything, but in the end, the Macedonian “spit” and hit.

The Portuguese, too, not without a share of luck reached the final. With the score 2:1 in favor of Portugal, the Turks missed the penalty. If they scored, then, quite possibly, they would even put the squeeze on the Portuguese. But if you watch all 90 minutes of the game, the Portuguese were better.

It seems to me that this game will resemble what we saw in Palermo, where Italy played with Macedonia – the Portuguese will have an undivided advantage. We saw that some players of the Portuguese team are in good shape. Otavio, Jota, and Ronaldo will have their say. For the second time in a row, the Macedonians are unlikely to be so lucky.

The Portuguese do not attack as desperately as the Italians. They will just do their job and calmly bring the matter to victory. Most of all I liked the option of Italy winning and the total under 3.5 for 1.90. The Portuguese do not need to crush the opponent, but they need to calmly score 1-2 goals and bring the matter to victory.

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21:45/29 mar
Portugal - North Macedonia
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