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How much is MSport Maximum Payout in Ghana? Online betting sites usually set certain limits for payouts that punters can receive due to their wagering activities. The amount varies for each bookmaker, but it usually is a six-figure number.

This article aims to explain minimum and maximum payouts for MSport, a popular gaming platform in Africa, operating in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. We will explain the limits and discuss the recent case that had a negative impact on the bookie’s reputation.

MSport Ghana Minimum & Maximum Stake

MSport Ghana Minimum & Maximum Stake

As a bettor, you may already know that a stake is the amount of money you use for your bet tickets. Again, each operator sets their own ranges depending on the location. For Ghana, MSport customers can put in a minimum stake of GH₵ 1, while the highest possible is capped at GH₵20,000, meaning you can’t stake more money on a single ticket.

It is quite normal for a bookmaker to have payout rules. Let’s look at the restrictions and regulations MSport has for its clients.

MSport Ghana Payout Rules

MSport Ghana enforces specific payout rules to maintain the integrity and fairness of its betting platform. Any winning from placed and settled bets is added to the user’s account balance, but any funds erroneously credited may be withdrawn or reversed by MSport.

The company reserves the right to withhold payment and void bets if evidence of event manipulation or match-rigging arises, using factors such as bet size, volume, or patterns to make a conclusive decision. In cases where validating a market’s outcome is impossible or ambiguous instructions are provided, MSport may void bets or distribute the stake among potential outcomes at its discretion.

Now, you are fully acknowledged with the MSport regulations regarding payments and stakes. You may be seeking the precise numbers that you could be paid with. Scroll down, and see what is the maximum payout for MSport users.

MSport Maximum Payout

As stated in the T&Cs, the biggest possible payout you can acquire with MSport is GH₵40,000,000 per stake. This amount refers to bets on sports events. On the other hand, there are no limits regarding jackpots.

Unfortunately, we cannot talk about only positive things about this operator. As already mentioned in the introduction, MSport’s reputation has been questioned after they were accused of scamming, and punters haven’t gained the money they won.

Payout Problems With MSport

Payout Problems With MSport

MSport has been under the radar of investigators after the recent scandal in Nigeria. Here is what happened.

Nigerian sports gamblers had accused MSport of failing to credit winners and voiding bets to decrease winnings. Under the hashtag #MSportScam on Twitter, Nigerians demanded full payment for the bets they had won.

After a Twitter sports betting pundit had posted a 440 odds bet, numerous bettors won significant amounts. However, MSport had voided some tickets, including soccer, tennis, and basketball matches, and reduced the expected winning.

One sports pundit had reported he had also won, and his winnings had reduced from N5.5 million to N1.1 million. The bookie had not responded to the case, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed after the Twitter campaign.

The Director General of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Lanre Gbaja, announced on Twitter that an investigation into the issue had been initiated.


MSport provides a solid range of payouts. You can start placing bets from GH₵1 and get paid up to GH₵ 40,000,000 (~$3 mln). Compared to other betting companies in the market, this is an outstanding number for one ticket. Such an option definitely attracts more customers, who will consider registering and putting a massive amount of cash into their pockets.

We should surely mention the recent case and the Twitter campaign, which has put its mark on the trustworthiness of this company. Some clients have won a six-figure amount and haven’t received payments, which lead to a major scandal and an investigation. In the end, every customer wants to enjoy their winnings, and bookmakers should show transparency and consistency with their clients.


What is the minimum withdrawal on Msport Ghana?

By the time of this publication, the minimum amount that you can withdraw is GH₵ 1. Note that you can use the USSD or the MTN system for withdrawals.

Is MSport a fake?

MSport has a status of a legal bookmaker in Africa. In Ghana, particularly, the platform is licensed by the National Gaming Board and operates under local laws. These regulations are in place to battle scammers and provide fair play.

What are the benefits of MSport Ghana?

From the benefits, we should mention the abundance of Sportsbook options, including various sports and markets. Also, there are numerous bonus codes that will enhance your betting experience. MSport has an above-average maximum payout, meaning you can win a solid amount of cash with one ticket. It is worth mentioning that Cashout is also accessible on this website. Don’t hesitate to check our separate articles on promotional offers and other accessible features.

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