Winbirr Ethiopia Register – Easy Sign Up Guide for 2022

Why You Should Register on Winbirr and Create an Account?

Winbirr is a semi-online bookmaker offering a betting service in Ethiopia. With this bookmaker, you place your bets directly from the local shops, but for convenience, you can create your ticket online and then place the bet in the local shops using the generated code. This system has its upsides and downsides. The upsides are safety, direct, fast and unlimited cash transfers. The downsides are the absence of online betting, payment options, and the lack of possible services to provide.

Winbirr has a decent sportsbook that covers a good amount of sports, including all major sports like football, basketball, tennis, etc., and many less popular ones such as motorcycle racing, formula1, squash, etc. Winbirr provides highly accurate and competitive odds for pre-match events. It is not possible to bet on live events online, which is a downside. As the platform is relatively new, and the main procedures pass in their betting shops, there are not many details about the terms and conditions. We hope they will fix the issues and provide online betting possibilities too.

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The Winbirr website is built proficiently. It has a super minimalistic and clean design that is easy to navigate. The downside is that some pages are still empty, and the service overall needs some improvements. The page is built to be responsive and works on mobile devices with a separate design to make mobile betting more comfortable and satisfying. There is a fully functioning help section with limited but useful information about betting shop locations, betting instructions, etc.

The overall service is promising, but there are still many aspects where the platform needs to be improved, like bringing online betting options, adding promos, tips and tutorials, and a good support system. If The bookmaker makes those improvements, it has the potential to become a great bookmaker in the future.

Winbirr Promotions – Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus

We always pay a lot of attention to the promotions and especially the welcome bonus, while considering the registration. Unfortunately, there are no promotions, at least stated online, including a welcome bonus, available currently. We hope they will come up with new and exciting promotions soon.

Winbirr Register: Online Account Creation Quick Guide

The bookmaker is working on a semi-online principle, and they don’t have an online registration form. You can use the sportsbook to create tickets, then generate a special code, using which to make your bets at the local betting shops. You can read more information on the website’s “Rules” section.

How to Easily Register on Winbirr Sportsbook Online – All You Need to Know to Sign Up & Make a Bet.

There is no need to register to play with this bookmaker. You can create tickets online and place bets with those tickets at the betting shop. The betting shops list can be found in the “help” section. In the Help section, you can find detailed betting instructions, but we also made a quick guide for you on how to place a bet at WInbirr.

Winbirr sportsbook has a design typical of other sportsbooks. Go to the sports section from the navigation bar. You will see the sports list on the left side. By clicking on each sport, you can open the leagues and events. Click on the event to reach more markets. Choose the markets you want to place a bet on. The selected markets will appear in the bet slip, where you can track odd changes and enter the stake. After all the adjustments are made, click “Generate code” to create a ticket and generate a ticket code. Submit the code to the local shops and pay the stake amount to verify your bet. After the ticket wins, you will get your winnings from the betting shop cashier.

Payment Methods For The Ethiopian Customers On Winbirr Sportsbook

Winbirr payments are currently made in the local shops. In the local shops, you can make cash, e-wallet, or bank payments, but there is no online remote payment possibility as you don’t register to play with this bookmaker. Making payments in local shops is convenient in some aspects, like safety and speed, but nowadays, a great bookmaker must have online payment options, and we hope that Winbirr will add some accessible online payment options soon.

The minimum and maximum payment limits and completion times are not specified. There are transaction fees mentioned for withdrawals, but the percentage is not specified.

Bookmaker Ratings Verdict

Winbirr is a semi-online bookmaker and does not need registration to place bets. The website has detailed tutorials about placing bets. You can also check our guide above on this topic. The Winbirr sportsbook is actually a great one for pre-match betting with many markets and competitive odds. At the bookmakers’ local shops, you can place your bets instantly and get your winnings instantly too.

FAQ about Winbirr Register & Account Options

Can I immediately proceed and deposit after registering my account?

There is no registration process at Winbirr, and the bets are placed in the betting shops. You can immediately place a bet without registration.

How Long Does it Take to Register a Winbirr Account?

There is no registration process at Winbirr. Registering a bet at the betting shops is instant.

Using a Winbirr Account when Traveling Abroad is Possible?

Unless a specific country blocks the website or restricts gambling, you can open the website and create your tickets. However, placing bets is only possible in the local shops.

Will I be charged by Winbirr to register a new account?

There is no registration process at Winbirr. Registering a bet does charge a 13% tax.

If I already have a Winbirr account, can I register a new account from the mobile app?

The bookmaker does not have user databases and works semi-online, so you don’t need an account to create tickets online.

Do I need to register with Winbirr to get the app?

Currently, Winbirr does not support any apps for mobile devices, but the website is built with a responsive design, so it will open on your smartphone as a mobile website.

What bonus code should I use when registering to get the Winbirr welcome bonus?

Unfortunately, there is no welcome bonus available at the time of creating this article. We hope they will come up with new and exciting promotions soon.

How to Contact the Winbirr Support Team to get help?

You can contact the Winbirr customer support team via phone: at +251978848484, +251111542627, and email at [email protected]

How to reset the password to your account?

At Winbirr, there are no user accounts, so no passwords are needed.

“Your account has been suspended” whenever I try to log in – what should I do?

At Winbirr, there are no user accounts.

How to Change Personal Information After Registration?

At Winbirr, there are no user accounts.

Can I temporarily suspend my account?

To suspend your account temporarily, you need to contact the Winbirr customer support team.

How Can I Permanently Close My Winbirr Account?

To close your account permanently, you need to contact the Winbirr customer support team.

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