Bechem United sign Ofori Quaye

Published on: 05 October 2011

Former Ghana striker Peter Ofori Quaye has signed a one-year deal with newly-promoted Premier League side Bechem United, can exclusively reveal.

The 31-year-old joins as a free agent and last played for AEL Limassol in the Cypriot top flight.

Ofori Quaye, who played for some of Europe's top sides including Olympiakos of Greece, has returned home to continue his trade.

In October last year, he came close to signing for giants Hearts of Oak but the move fell through.

"Peter has been a good friend and I spoke about playing in the local league and his response was great so I worked out this deal for him," Fifa agent Oliver Arthur told

"He loves this club and I can he will be among the headline makers when the league begins this weekend.

"He is dedicated and has promised to at his best when given the opportunity. He is a big plus for this club."

Ofori Quaye will join his new teammates at their camping base on Thursday.

The club have already begun processing for his International Transfer Certificate to secure his service for the opening weekend of the league.

Bechem United make their debut against New Edubiase United at the Baba Yara Stadium on 9 October.


  • SteveLeo
    says: 7 years ago
    breaking news??... this has bn all over the airwaves in Kumasi in the past week... so wats breaking about it? soccernet come again...
  • NY kotokovski.
    says: 7 years ago
    Why do some of you do that?Every news, depending on particular place or time is dead.i dont get it what end is dis comment of yours?how does what u jst posted affect da credibility of dis story?Sometymz such interventions are simply unnecessary.jst read and shush!wats da all-knowing attitude for?
  • De Great "1"
    says: 7 years ago
    It's been a long time i heard his name, bt all de same i wish him well.
  • kojo
    says: 7 years ago
    You think kumasi airwaves covers the whole world. It has been a long time i have come across human beings with very very very short thinking in this era. Eii!z!!
    says: 7 years ago
    Good to see him back on the local scene and I hope he would be given every help he may need in whatever form.However,this Oliver Arthur man makes me laugh saying Ofori Quaye ''LOVES CHELSEA''.For me,he has gone for professional reasons so stop talking about love.Ask him how much he knows about the club,may be apart from being Champs.of Ghana.Please don't make a fool of the club's supporters.
    says: 7 years ago
    Point of correction,in commenting on the above breaking news,I inadventantly referred to Chelsea when I meant to say Bechem United.I just got things mixed up.Sorry everyone but I still maintain Oliver Arthur should not be talking about O.Quaye's love for the club however true it might be.
  • Xiooo
    says: 7 years ago
    Our professionals must learn from Peter Ofori Quaye and the,Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,even Deco.They MUST raise the standard of our LOCAL leaque.Open your eyes Appiah,Laryer Kingston,Olele,etc.
  • Oyisha
    says: 7 years ago
    Thanks NY, i wonder what these guys know that they come over here and open their mouth to criticize evrything and yet offers no alternative. Such people and complete empty heads making unneccessary noise everywhere. They have nothing to do so they just get up and criticise heaven to earth including the food that has been prepared for their lazy stomachs and yet will not shush for us to have some piece. If they think GSN gives only dead news, they should move to other sites and get the hell out of here. Nonsense.