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Bundesliga Betting: Everything you need to know

Published on: 23 June 2020
Bundesliga Betting: Everything you need to know

Bundesliga is always associated with spectacular matches and unexpected victories. The champion of many years has always been Bavaria. However, she lost several key players, and the last season was very stressful.

Now other teams have no less chance for leadership. Knowing the nuances of Bundesliga, it will be easier for you to create your own betting plan.

Let's take a look at the details with Parimatch and find out how to bet on German teams. You will be surprised how different the Bundesliga is from other European championships.

Tournament format

In total, 18 teams from all over Germany participate in the tournament. The four best teams go straight to the Champions League group stage, the fifth to the UEFA Europa League group, the sixth to the playoffs.

Two worst clubs are leaving the Bundesliga. The team, taking 16th place in the season, plays transitional matches with a representative of the second Bundesliga.

All Bundesliga winners

Bayern Munich is the leading club in Germany, its separation in championship titles merely is colossal. She won the National Championship 29 times, while the closest pursuer, Nuremberg, had only nine titles. The top three are Borussia (eight), and the top five are Schalke with Hamburg (seven and six, respectively).

After the creation of the Bundesliga (from the 1963/64 season), the favorite became even more obvious. Let's check the statistic of winners:

  • Bayern Munich – 29 times;
  • Nürnberg – 9 times;
  • Borussia Dortmund – 8 times;
  • Schalke 04 – 7 times;
  • Hamburger SV – 6 times.

Given the fact that Nürnberg won the last time in 1968, there are only 4 top winning teams left. Other clubs won 5 or fewer times.

Betting Features

The German Championship is one of the best tournaments for playing in the bookmaker. The league is relatively predictable. It always pleases with the effectiveness and high motivation of all teams without exception, who play in every match until the last second.

By the way, about the last seconds - in the Bundesliga, they traditionally add no more than three minutes of compensated time, even if there were stops in the game. This should be taken into account for players who plan to "catch goals" at the end of fights.

You should know that the Championship is fairly even. Outsiders in their own walls often beat eminent rivals. At the same time, you should not focus on the name - sensations always happen at the end of the season.

The influence of the Champions League

In the German Bundesliga, strong middle peasants "float" from season to season throughout the standings. In one season, the team can take the second position, and in the other 10th. Why does it happen? There is a logical explanation for this. Surprisingly, the influential German teams (with the exception of Bavaria and, to some extent, Borussia Dortmund) cannot fight on three fronts at once: the Championship, the country's cup, and the Champions League.

A lot of attention is paid to the cup tournament. It is clear that participation in European competitions affects the teams of any top championship, but in the German Bundesliga, it is somehow too strong.


Like every top Championship, the German Bundesliga has its own characteristics:

  • High performance;
  • A small number of yellow cards during the match;
  • The ability to bet with real profit on outsiders;
  • The strong influence of Euro cups on top teams.

Keep in mind that European competitions negatively affect the statistics of most teams in Germany. A team from the top 5 of last season can hardly get into the top 10 in the next one. The German Championship is highly intensive. For the season 2018-2019, teams scored an average of about 3.18 per game. All this must be taken into account when creating a betting strategy.


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