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CBD for Common Football Injuries: What else you need to know

Published on: 23 September 2019

CBD is so much in controversy these days. While many CBD-based products are gaining a rapid foothold in the consumer market, these products are becoming very popular among the athletes, especially for the footballers as an alternative treatment for one symptom or the other. Many sports leagues are using the products based out of CBD for their players.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is known to be a compound which is found in the cannabis plant. Lately, this herb has become a popular wellness supplement among the people as it comes with the potential to elicit many health benefits. This herb is believed to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body, thereby regulating things such as anxiety, appetite, mood, and pain.

CBD also includes THC which is a compound giving marijuana its psychoactive properties. The major difference here is that CBD doesn’t create any kind of high upon consumption which is created by marijuana. This is because this herb is derived from hemp which comes with lower THC levels.


Is CBD helpful for football players?

Football is one very physically demanding and dangerous sport. In this sport, injuries are a very common affair and this goes the same for both the professional as well as amateur players. Common injuries during the game of football include ligament injuries, injuries related to foot and ankle, shoulder, shin splints, torn muscles, as well as head injuries. Out of all these injuries, brain and head traumas are known to be the most serious form of hurting among the football players.

CBD helps to offer a range of health benefits to all these players and could be a viable option for a number of the above-listed injuries and issues. This herb can act as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory aid for all the athletes who usually suffer from chronic pain while playing. CBD comprises of many pain management properties and also helps the players who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

However, despite the many advantages of CBD, self-medicating with CBD shouldn’t be used as a substitute for all the other treatments which are approved by the doctor. Furthermore, it is imperative for you to consume CBD products which belong to a good brand. CBD is available in a variety of supplements and you must rely on the brand such as IHF LLC as it is one reliable source of offering a variety of CBD products. Get in touch with the doctor before you start consuming any supplement of CBD.


Benefits of CBD for athletes:

Many footballers and other athletes rely on the consumption of CBD as it comes with a number of health benefits for them. Below listed are some major health benefits that CBD has for the footballers:

  1. Relieve pain:

According to many studies, cannabis is an effective remedy for the reduction of pain including the musculoskeletal pain that arises from exercise and stiff joints. Some studies suggest that there is not a lot of evidence about the use of cannabis for the reduction of the pain, however, a majority of research go by the fact that CBD has many advantages in relieving the pain.

  1. Alternative to opioids:

Opioid pain medications are highly effective for the management of pain, however, these medications carry a major risk of addiction and death by overdose. CBD is not as effective as opioids for the reduction of acute and high-intensity pain, however, this herb is surely effective in terms of the management of long-term which is suffered by a footballer during his practice sessions or on the field.

  1. Reduction of inflammation:

A little bit of inflammation could be good for the footballers as it helps to stimulate positive training adaptations in them. However, too much inflammation could hinder the recovery of the footballer, thereby affecting his performance at large. Cannabinoids are considered to be having anti-inflammatory properties and this herb works by the way of reducing the production of cytokine. Thus, CBD has many advantages in terms of reduction of inflammation.

  1. Settling the gut:

CBD is also known to be improving the gut system of a footballer. Inflammation in the small, as well as large intestine, leads to a lot of discomfort. CBD, though, doesn’t solve all the problems related to stomach, but if you are suffering from underlying inflammation issues which are contributing too many stomach problems in your body, CBD could be an effective remedy in treating the same.

  1. Improving sleep quality:

It is very important for all the footballers to get quality sleep at night so that their body could rest and they could perform better and stay fresh. Getting better sleep is one of the most effective ways using which a footballer can achieve training gains. All the footballers who consume CBD have reported a better sleep which is more restful and easygoing.


How to use CBD?

There are many products of CBD available in the market and more products are being released every week. A footballer can get ingest CBD by the way of pills, capsules or as an oil. CBD is also available to inhale as a vapor. It is also been infused into recovery drinks, sports drinks, and all the edibles in the diet of the players.

Apart from this, CBD also comes in a variety of topical creams and lotions which comprise of CBD oil and drops which could be placed under a player’s tongue. The only advice is that a player must always indulge in a dialogue about the use of CBD and if allowed, he must consume or use all the supplements belonging to a good brand.

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