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Celtic teenage rookie Jeremie Frimpong is ahead of Rangers captain James Tavernier - Mark Wilson

Published on: 05 December 2019

Former Celtic defender Mark Wilson has laughably included teenage rookie Jeremie Frimpong ahead of Rangers captain James Tavernier in his combined Old Firm XI – and it shows just how unfathomably partisan Scottish pundits can be.

The teenager has made a handful of appearances in his career so far, playing a total of just over ten hours of football as a Celtic player, yet Wilson bizarrely has him ahead of Tavernier in his side.

Even more ridiculously, the pundit goes on to claim that the couple of assists Frimp0ng has chipped in with over his entire professional career puts him on a similar level to Tavernier who has created a mere 70 goals in 225 appearances for Rangers.

“I know he’s not been tested, but I think he looks sounder defensively than James Tavernier,” Wilson told The Scottish Sun.

“Tavernier has millions of assists, which is a brilliant attribute to have, but look at the games Frimpong has played. I know it’s not many, but he’s still had more than a few assists in those games. If you compare that in terms of ratios, it would be pretty close.”

Just to give a little bit more context as to how ridiculous a suggestion Wilson picking Frimpong ahead of Tavernier is, the Rangers captain will play more games this month than Frimpong has in his entire Celtic career.

t’s just a crazy suggestion there’s little merit in any of Wilson’s claims regards Tavernier, particularly when Rangers and Celtic both have identical defensive records so far in the league this season. Frimpong isn’t even registered to play for Celtic in Europe so it would be a useless comparison.

Frimpong should go on and have an impressive career as he continues to mature and develop but to have him in the side ahead of someone who has consistently performed for a number of seasons in Scottish football’s top-tier is utterly laughable and just adds further weight to why fans pay little heed to Scottish pundits anymore.


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