Charcoal burner jailed for trespassing in former Ghana defender John Paintsil's house

Published on: 05 June 2023

Isaac Odoom, a 64-year-old charcoal burner, is currently serving a 12-month jail sentence at the Winneba Local Prison for breaking into a house owned by former Black Stars defender, John Paintsil.

Odoom shared the unfortunate circumstances that led to him being found on the wrong side of the law.

According to Odoom, he was misled by someone he had struck acquaintances with while visiting Besease for his charcoal business.

He explained, "We got jailed for sleeping in someone's house. The house we slept in belonged to the footballer, John Paintsil. I didn't know it was his house, but someone led me there. The person initially didn't tell me the house belonged to Joseph Paintsil."

Odoom, who hails from Ajumako, had travelled to Besease to produce charcoal. As he was new to the village, he had to rely on someone for accommodation. However, he later discovered that the house they had slept in was owned by John Paintsil. The house was abandoned and subject to litigation, so Odoom claimed there was nothing of value inside.

After leaving Besease and returning to his hometown, Odoom learned that someone had been arrested for sleeping in John Paintsil's house and had mentioned his name as an accomplice.

He expressed surprise at the situation, stating that he pleaded guilty to charges of trespassing and unlawful entry but denied any involvement in the theft. Odoom was fined GHC1440, which he couldn't afford to pay.

As a result, Odoom was convicted on charges of trespassing and unlawful entry but was acquitted of theft. He is currently serving his 12-month sentence at the Winneba Local Prison.

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