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Check Out These Games When Logged Into a Soccer Betting Site

Published on: 12 September 2022

It isn’t going to take you very long at all, to find an online betting site that will offer you the exact type of sports bets you are looking to place, what may take some time however is finding one that offers you the best set of odds.

But one thing you may not know is that lots of similar sports betting sites now offer their customers a range of online casino games, and with that in mind, and to help you pick out the games that offer the best paybacks, I have highlighted several below, those being the ones that you should always make a beeline to play, when you spot them on offer at any gambling sites online.

Due to there being so many different slot machines being available online these days, players can often make the mistake of simply playing the ones that offer the highest valued jackpot, such as any of the many different progressive slot games.

Once you discover that a percentage of your stake money is being used to fund those jackpots, and that has a knock-on effect of lowing the base game slot machine payout percentage, the best advice I can give you is to avoid playing those types of slots.

I would urge you to check the websites of any online casinos that you play at for you will often discover a full list of the payout percentages each game has set to return to players over the long term.

Once you look up that information stick to playing the slots that have a payout percentage of over 97%, as that way you will get more winning payouts over the long term.

Some online slot machines also offer a buy-a-bonus type of side bet, and when taking that option you can buy the main bonus game on that slot but for a stake level which can be around 100 times your base game stake level. However, this is something that has been banned in some countries, such as the UK.

The payout percentage can often be increased when you take the bonus buy option, but just be aware you could lose your bankroll very quickly if you repeatedly take that bonus buy option, so savvy players tend to avoid taking it due to the increased stakes they have to play for.

Moving onto card games, the one game most savvy players will always choose to play is Blackjack, for that games involves quite a bit of skill and by learning how to play it perfectly, players can get the house edge down to some tiny amounts.

That is something I would urge you to do, before you ever set about playing real money Blackjack games online and do some research as to which games offer the lowest house edge too, for that figure can and will vary from variant to variant.

Some players often ask me whether it is possible to count cards when playing Blackjack online, and whilst that is fruitless when playing software-driven games, as the cyber decks are shuffled before each new hand is dealt out, it is possible to count cards when playing at a live casino site.

Live casinos use real life Dealers to deal out of a physical deck of cards, so if you have perfectly mastered the art of counting cards then it will only be at live casino sites that you should be playing at.

Some games you should never play online or even in a land-based casino are games such as Keno, and any card games that offer a range of obligatory set of side-bet options.

The reason I say avoid such games, is that the house edges on them are going to be huge, meaning casinos are expected to win more money from you due to the way the games and payouts have been designed, so they offer no real money value to players.

Look out for Video Poker games when you want to get the maximum playing value out of your bankroll, for some variants have extremely high payout percentages, often in the high 99% range, and as such you are going to get plenty of winning payouts over your lifetime when playing those types of games.

Admittedly though, some players do tend to find Video Poker games a tad boring to play, but at the end of the day when you are gambling you will want to be entertained and ultimately have the best chance of winning, or not losing your money so quickly.

So stick to playing low house edge Blackjack games and look out for and play the slot machines and video poker games that have been designed with the highest possible long term expected payout percentages, as your money really will go so much further playing those types of casino games.

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