CHELSEA, Zouma: "...that time Mou told me I sucked..."

Published on: 14 February 2020

Interviewed by RMC Sport, French international centre-back Kurt Zouma (25) recalled topical, yet zanily negative, moment of his career: "I had a peculiar relationship with Mou. I'm thinking about that time we lost 1-3 at Stamford Bridge, I can't remember against whom. Mou called me to his office, and, when I was there, asked me how was I doing. I said I was doing fine, he asked me again, and I wasn't understanding why. After a short while, he told me: 'I was asking you about it because you sucked, last game. I was shocked, I was hurting, but it was what I needed to turn the tables, and it made me want to pick it up, and react on the pitch, right away. Mou loves to win, and goes through every mean possible in order to. When I joined Chelsea, I was only 19, and he wasn't afraid to line me up from the start".