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Coronavirus Daily: Bundesliga delayed until Apr 30; Spain passes 100k cases

Published on: 01 April 2020

All Football brings you the daily summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak and how it is affecting football.

Top news in football

- The German Football League (DFL) has announced that all Bundesliga football will continue to be suspended until at least April 30 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

- Former Marseille president Diouf dies due to complications from coronavirus

- Real Madrid's robust finances means the club is neither considering asking players to accept salary cuts nor the possibility of temporary redundancies, according to AS.

- Conte and Inter players are willing to take a cut to their wages for the remainder of the season according to Italian news agency ANSA.

- Solskjaer jokes that Manchester United's players' partners can help them improve their finishing during the current lockdown period as he prepares for the rest of the season.

- RFEF intend to hold Copa del Rey final as a tribute to coronavirus victims.

- FIFA is setting up a fund to assist competitions and players which have run into financial difficulty because of the coronavirus pandemic.

- La Liga hopes 2020/2021 campaign will kick off in the middle of September, according to Sport.

Cases & Deaths


874,627 cases (+67,725), 43,431 deaths (+4,327)

Countries with Top 5 Leagues

UK: 25,150 cases (+3,009), 1,789 deaths (+374)

Spain: 102,136 cases (+7,719), 9,053 deaths (+864)

Italy: 105,792 cases (+3,801), 12,428 deaths (+768)

Germany: 72,914 cases (+4,559), 793 deaths (+127)

France: 52,128 cases (+7,578), 3,523 deaths (+499)

Other main countries

USA: 188,639 cases (+24,280), 4,059 deaths (+886)

China: 81,554 cases (+36), 3,312 deaths (+7)

Iran: 47,593 cases (+2,987), 3,036 deaths (+138)

South Korea: 9,887 cases (+101), 165 deaths (+3)

Japan: 2,178 cases (+189), 57 deaths (-)

*All the stats and updates are recorded before 13:30 CET today.

Other main updates

- Coronavirus vaccine that could end the pandemic is being tested in China

- France (499), Spain (864), Russia (7) and the UK (374) record their highest daily deaths on Tuesday

- New York State coronavirus cases top 75,000, death toll reaches 1,550

- Donald Trump warns that 100,000 Americans will die from coronavirus in 'very, very painful' few weeks

- Vladimir Putin is handling duties remotely, the Kremlin has said.

- 240 new cases and 10 new deaths in reported in India.


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