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Daily Comments: Messi will dribble past Injury to perform his magic on the pitch

Published on: 06 June 2020

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Article 1: EPL restart fixtures confirmed: City-Arsenal on June 17, Spurs-Utd on June 19


it's not easy to be an Arsenal fan these day, resuming the PL against Hot-blooded Citizens


Things That Make EPL Interesting: • KDB'S Phenomenal ASSISTS

• TAA'S Crossing Ability

• Bruno Fernandes's Dangerous Free Kicks

• Van Dijk The Brick Wall

• Chelsea VS Manchester United who will make it to the UCL


How many games left before Liverpool win the league ? ⏬


Congratulations Liverpool for winning PL tittle this season. Congratulations Arsenal for making it to the Europa league next season

Article 2: Aguero shows birthday gift given by Messi which is book with pictures of them


Aguero Got A Special Gift,The Gift Is A Beautiful Friendship With The G.O.A.T.


Suarez right now be like:-

Article 3: Agent Antonio! Rudiger 'played key role in convincing Werner to join Chelsea'


A in Antonio Rudiger stands for Agent


now its time for Tammy to bring out his agent skills also and convince sancho to come to chelsea


it seems like we dont need professional agents in football anymore. players are scoring in and off the pitch

Article 4: Koke says Atletico should be considered UCL champions if it can't be finished


if winning against Liverpool means UCL title then Napoli will have two and Barca will have one UCL already


hey Maradona!! stop giving football players your drugs,its not funny


Koke , go drink some Coke and chill out


Fun Fact: You Know, when you're involved in too many draws your mindset Begin to draw far from Reality


That means Watford too have won a UCL


Other teams reactions

Article 5: Messi absent from group training once again as Barca confirm muscle issue


The only thing that can stop Messi from scoring goals, assisting , dribbling, playmaking & mesmerising defenders is injury.


Messi Will Dribble Past Injury To Perform Magic On The Pitch


When u have a chance, make it MESSI but not MESSY because this man knows how to use all his opportunities. He's gonna come back stronger am sure....


MESSI fans when they saw the Article with MESSI's name vs When they saw "absent from training due to INJURY

Article 6: Chelsea crowned champions & Liverpool relegated from Women's Super League


Chelsea I know can never play a season without winning trophy ...if the men don’t the woman will, if the adults don’t the kids will


congratulations blue Ladies

Article 7: Former Argentina goalkeeper: Hazard is at Messi's level if he is doing well


I agree but which one? Tiago or Mateo or Ciro?


But at Madrid, he is at Lingard's level


Loco means Crazy in Spanish


Comparing Hazard to Messi is like comparing a child's saliva to a cobra's poison. I'm just gonna leave it at that


Hazard is probably in the same level as Messi in height

Article 8: Ronaldo sends birthday wishes to his 'sweeties' Eva and Mateo in special style


He has a son called Mateo? Messi’s son’s name? Aww that’s adorable. Ain’t you sure Messi and Ronaldo are actually siblings in spirit?


CR7 Junior looks like an Alien in that hulk costume. No wonder they think he's the next GOAT

Article 9: Barcelona and Real Madrid wary of suspensions in La Liga run-in


how will real Madrid have more card than barca when 90% of Spanish ref support real Madrid


I wonder where is Ramos in this list.But suddenly I realized that this is about yellow cards not red cards.


Pique became Ramos now


Me reading the toppers- Pique Lenglet   Getafe the champs , but where is the all-time legend of bookings - Ramos?

Article 10: Serie A restart: How to watch Italian football on UK & US TV


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