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Daily Comments: The comeback is complete. Bayern are coming back to Munich.

Published on: 14 April 2021

Hey guys! Welcome to 'Daily Comments', where the BEST comments are posted! Here, we select the most popular comments from our All Football users. If you want to see yours here next time, don't forget to leave your comments in any news.

Article 1: PSG 0-1 Bayern (3-3 agg): PSG qualify to UCL last 4 by away-goals advantage


Bayern won, drew and lost at the same time


The comeback is complete. Bayern are coming back to Munich.


Bayern message to the fans: SORRY, THIS WASN’T BARCELONA


When goalpost is against you, you cannot score... yes I am telling about neymar... He really impressed us by his skill, dribbling. He deserved minimum 1 goal but sorry for him




It's hard to believe we're out from UCL in the winning way but proud be bayern support Mia San Mia forever,️ see you next season.

Article 2: Chelsea 0-1 Porto (2-1 agg): Blues advance to UCL Semi-Finals despite home lose


Today's UCL Challenge: WIN THE AWAY GAME but not the TIE.


Juventus after the match where did you go when you were beating me🤣


FC Porto won and lost in the same match


Even if Chelsea played against Porto the pain goes straight to Old Trafford 🤣🤣🤣


PSG and Chelsea be like let's allow away teams to score one and leave the rest for UEAF aggregate


Me waiting for this moment to post this,, Seeing myself(Chelsea) in the semi's already... Can't wait to play whichever team qualifies tomorrow.... Manchester city howfar(Saturday),, well first qualify tomorrow self

Article 3: Solskjaer's son Noah responds after Mourinho comments: 'I always get food'


Mourinho right now be like..

I already Defeated the Father with my Words but the Son Doesn't wanna Giveup.


jose reaction to noah's comment:


is he stepping on his father....or the food is working


Ole to his son: I told you to keep quiet when elders are talking


6-1 win will for ever pain Penachester aka Varchester United and there Mumu fans


mourinho rignt now be like "I won anyways", no one is talking about the loss

Article 4: Lingard returns to Manchester for a night out with close friend Rashford


VAR verifying if the G.O.A.T really touched down in Manchester yesterday


Lingard going to meet rashford


guys take a moment to moment to apploud this man...for his hard work and determination to turn his career from nothing to something....I remember when world of football used to troll him for his bad form...but now see where he is...he is prime example to .. really happy for him


Imagine how that lady is looking at lingard seductively ..


Lings after seeing Ole.

Article 5: Thomas Tuchel admits he wants Real Madrid over Liverpool in UCL semis


Chelsea fan after Tuchel say he would prefer Madrid


We're still here


Zidane be like


Some people are so dumb on this app. They comment without reading the whole article and think they're cool 🤦‍️ Tuchel clearly said that to get the European feeling he would prefer Real Madrid over Liverpool, otherwise it might feel a bit like the EPL 🤷‍️ And Madrid fans here are thinking that Tuchel is undermining Real.. I mean whay the f guys


Bruh he's a coach and even he's telling to bring on a challenge like real Madrid. Why are Chelsea fans so worried and pressed abt it chill tf out of we win we proceed to final if not that's really okay I'm still proud of my team for going this far and we'll give a much more harder fight next season

Article 6: Rapinoe: Players like Messi & Ronaldo should get involved in fighting racism


Stop trying to bring politics in sports kindly go and sit down your so hungry for attention


U should tell ur fucking country US first


This all shows the the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was a teacher. sometimes people hate Islam because they don't have knowlegde about it. Islam calls for respect and equality's and the prophet was sent to clear the differences amongst people regardless of colour, gender, origin to mention but a few.


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