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Daily Comments: the football himself is injured and dieing to come back

Published on: 25 May 2020

Hey guys! Welcome to 'Daily Comments', where the BEST comments are posted! Here, we select the most popular comments from our All Football users. If you want to see yours here next time, don't forget to leave your comments in any news.

Article 1: Kane, Rashford, Hazard... A long list of injured footballer raring to come back

@jaazibshah: What About Dembele Who Gets Injured While Being Injured 

@ronnie_luv: perfect summary for these players:-

They came...They saw... They got injured

@ugwuekene: football too is injured, and is dieing to come back

Article 2: Courtois: Hazard and I dreamt of joining Madrid together when we were at Chelsea

@Nesaiknruy_Legend: Yeah and 1 of them was a professional who left after doing everything he could for the club while the other one had a good spell at Atletico and got too big headed and left the club in crisis.

@hazardeden1017: I don't know about courtois neither do I care he is mediocre at best, but I really feel bad for hazard and really miss him

Article 3: Chelsea want Icardi as PSG continue to haggle over €70m purchase option (Sun)

@sufyrumu: Now Chelsea players and staffs should hold their wives tight .

@sunzyno: Getting tired of Chelsea linking to all players on transfer, they are now becoming Man U at the end you see nothing.

@AugustMontana: the sun can't be trusted...not a reliable source

Article 4: PSG's interest in Dembele could take Neymar back to Barcelona (Sport)

@ArkaprabhaSanyal: it's gonna be a swap deal in terms of hospital beds 🤣

@Emibro1: Any day without Neymar to Barcelona rumour is actually not a day.


Barcelona fans: 2018-19 Dembele is better than Neymar.

Barcelona fans: 2019- present We want Neymar back Dembele is to much injury prone

Article 5: TAA & Robertson, Hakimi & Guerreiro... Best full-back pairings in top leagues

@Dwise:Trust your Package in the Hands of Arnold and Robertson, They will Surely ASSIST you in delivering them safely

@DarkKing2010: If you want Goals, Call = Guerreiro and Hakimi 

If you want Assists, Call = Robbo and TAA


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