Different ways to bet on football with Betiton

Published on: 13 May 2020
Different ways to bet on football with Betiton
Liverpool is among the clubs punters are keen on to bet on matches

Football has come a long way in the history of betting. In the 1960s, betting of football games was allowed, but the markets were limited, where singles and Poole bets were the only featured types of bets.

In Ghana, you can visit the Gaming Commission to know what are the licensed operators. In most cases, football competitions are organized as leagues and tournaments, where the winner takes home accolades and awards.

Today, football sport is available for betting, where you can place a bet on your favorite team or player. In this article we will go through all types you can make with a bookmaker and what are their specificities.

Football bets- All you need to know

Just like other forms of betting, football betting incorporates different types of bets. To get started with football betting, you need to create an account and agree to the set terms and conditions.

However, you should meet the minimum age requirement for your account to be verified. In most countries, the age limit is restricted to 18 years. For first-time bettors, there are available tips that boost your betting experience.

The most featured types of bets include Last Goal Scorer (LGS), the First Goal Scorer (FGS), Correct Score (CS), Total Goals, Football Accumulator, Normal Time Definition, Full-Time Result, and Handicap Results.

Football accumulator bet

If you're new to betting, football accumulator is a type of bet where gamers are allowed to feature several games in a single bet.

In most cases, the bet incorporates full-time results, where you're supposed to predict the outcomes of all the games you bet on.

Once you are convinced that football accumulator is the type of bet that meets your gaming needs, you proceed to select a bookmaker. This type of bet brings together other types of bets. For instance, a gamer can include total goals, correct score, first/last goal scorer in a single Betiton sport bet.

Correct score (CS) football bet

The correct score is considered as an accurate type of football bet as compared to the other bets. This type of bet offers you the opportunity to predict the expected score of an upcoming match.

The correct score bet features high odds as compared to other kinds of football bets as there can be vast possible outcomes at the end of normal time.

Most of bookmakers features the correct score option where odds are relatively higher. If you're well conversant with a team's scoring and defense habits, this type of bet will help you come up with a high paying slip.

What is the double result bet?

If you can predict half time/full-time results in a single bet, the double result is the football bet you've been looking for. In a single game, there are nine expected outcomes for the half time/full-time bet.

If you bet on the Premier League for example, Instead of betting on your favorite team to win at full time, the double result allows you to predict the outcome of both halves, giving you a chance to bet on high odds.

However, this bet requires gamers to carry out an analysis of head-to-head statistics. The double result bet is offered by the Betiton sportsbook and can be placed as a single or accumulator slip.

Total goals football bet

If you're good at quoting and predicting the number of goals to be scored in a single game, total goals bet should be your ultimate pick. Also termed as over/under, this type of bet features two options hence giving you several variations to choose.

Total goals incorporate a wide selection of total goals variations, where less or more than 2.5 goals is the popular bet.

However, this does not limit you to select other picks such as 4.5, 3.5, 1.5, and 0.5. Total goals is a popular football bet that is mostly preferred by high rollers and football punters.

Final Thoughts

In football betting, there's a wide variation of picks that can land you on a winning combination. Whether you decide to predict who will score the first goal in a match or the expected half time result, the betting experience is amazing and thrilling.

Bookmakers feature several football tournaments, trophies, and leagues at both national and international levels.

Additionally, you can place a bet on both single pick and accumulator bets at the comfort of your home.

Betiton sportsbook is available to bettors across the entire world. Other types of football bets to consider when betting include treble and double bets.

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