Dreams FC chief Ameenu Shardow commends NC for special competition but...

Published on: 09 January 2019
Dreams FC chief Ameenu Shardow commends NC for special competition but...
Ameenu Shardow is the club's administrative manager

Administrative manager for Dreams FC Ameenu Shardow has lauded the Normalisation Committee for the forthcoming special competition though he is not excited by their decision to directly pay players.

The Normalisation Committee announced the special competition in December last year after a lot of outcry from football stakeholders due to the absence of active football in the country.

The Committee met with 16 Premier League and 48 Division One League clubs on Tuesday to discuss the format of the proposed special competition.

In an interview with Accra-based Happy FM, Mr. Shardow was full of praise for the Normalisation Committee for their initiative in bringing the special competition which he believes will revive football in the country.

“It’s a very laudable idea from the Normalization Committee to bring in the special competition. This will help keep the players in shape and help in the reforms process," Shardow said on Happy FM.

He was however not enthused with the decision of the Normalisation Committee to pay players who will be engaged in the competition directly.

“Paying players directly is not sustainable because the Normalization Committee does not know the contractual agreement clubs have with their players," he opined.

The competition is expected to be played between January 26 and April 21, 2018.