Edubiase coach fumes at Baffour omission from AFCON squad

Published on: 12 January 2012

New Edubiase United coach Anthony Commey has expressed disappointment at the omission of Emmanuel Baffour from Ghana's Nations Cup Squad.

Baffour, 22, was brimming with confidence of making the final list but head coach Goran Stevanovic and his team were not convinced about his qualities.

The Ghana Premier League leading scorer with 11 goals from 12 matches was dropped alongside South Korea based Derek Asamoah.

''I am very much disappointed at them but I can say little because they know what they are doing but I think Baffour could have helped us by putting a stop to the goal drought in our team'' Edubiase coach told Angel FM.

Baffour will return home for the last round of matches to end the first half of the season on Sunday.


  • Chu
    says: 6 years ago
    Shut up commey-ba4's 11 goals in 12 is a fluke luck nd wud neva b seen next season.Edubiase jst wnts market value incris
  • cofie
    says: 6 years ago
    So who shld hv been dropped? i guess prince tagoe right?
  • Ibrahim saliu
    says: 6 years ago
    Lets pray 4 victory 4 ghana n congrats 2 who made up the final 23.
  • AA
    says: 6 years ago
  • texas
    says: 6 years ago
    Doesn't this commey coach has his fist 11 and second favorite 11? Plavi just like any coach has the players he can work with. He can only use 23 players not 25 million players......haba! Besides not every soldier is taken to war.
  • francozola
    says: 6 years ago
    we Ghanians talk too much and everybody want to be a coach put this player and drop this player let's asked ourselves how many times have baffour play under dis coach since he got black star job and how many times have the coach watch him play in our local league see is not baffour is not good but maybe he cant meet the coach philosophy,tactics, game plan so many things we ghanaians what we know when local player score goals or leading goalking then we say this player is good so he should be called into the national team let me draw our mind back @ 2010 world cup in south Africa look at all the teams how many local players were there in that tournament look @ the kinds of goals is been score do you think if a player dont have a experience like this can he score that goals again let's look Gyan goal against U S if it was different player either the player will go down or ll commit foul so the way we see our local players play in ghana here is different from the way these white coaches also sees that's why most of our local players cant make it at foreign wagon so all we have to do is to pray for the team from injury free and also have luck in every match
  • God's Love
    says: 6 years ago
    wise talk Francozola,let us ask ourselves how many goals did France scored in 2002 world cup with all the top scorers in the major leagues. How many goals did Argentina and Portugal scored in SA 2010. Let us support all cos we love Ghana. Coach commey shut up,even most of the directors in Edu don't check ur tactics