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English League boss wants crooks out of Ghana football

Published on: 26 June 2011

Sir Dave Richards says criminals masquerading as clubs officials in Ghana must be weeded out to help improve the local game.

The chairman of the English Premier League is in Ghana to meet stakeholders over plans to revitalize the local league in the wake of dwindling fortunes.

There is a long held suspicion that criminals are running the game in the country to launder dirty money which has dented the image of the game.

Corruption is rife with referees accused of taking bribes while match fixing is another issue which has devilled the local league.

Sir Richards says the first step in ridding the system of its corrupt image is by ensuring that officials who run the clubs are not involved in criminal activities.

"There is the need to bring on board the Fit and Proper Person Test," Sir Dave Richards said.

"To be a chairman or director of a club or on the FA, you have to be taken through this to check if you have a criminal record, investigate their sources of funding.

"You need high standards to achieve this. There is the need to regulate it and the league must be regulated.

"Transfers must be checked and criteria for personnel that clubs employ must be in place."

There is a huge suspicion that there's a mafia ring involved in Ghana football with some officials suspected to be involving in racketeering.

There are also suspected mafia gangs involved fixing results of matches.

Sir Richards, who is also Chairman of the International Committee of the England FA has been Chairman of the EPL since 1999.

The Ghana league has been struggling because of waning interest but Nyantakyi has vowed to arrest the slide with measures aimed at improving the game.

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