Ex-Ghana star Addo lavishes praise on Black Stars for massive commitment

Published on: 16 October 2013
Ex-Ghana star Addo lavishes praise on Black Stars for massive commitment
Ghana players have been hailed for their commitment to the national team

Ex-Ghana international Joe Addo has praised the Black Stars for their show of immense commitment to the national team.

The Ghanaians were awesome on Tuesday as they hammered Egypt 6-1 in a 2014 World Cup play-off first leg tie in Kumasi.

The heavy win has inspired massive confidene ahead of the return fixture in Cairo as the Egyptians are yet to come to terms to what might have happened to them at the Baba Yara stadium.

Many Egyptian fans have been dazed by the scoreline and grappling to find anwers to their worst defeat on the continent.

But ex-Ghana defender Joe Addo has praised the Black Stars for their unflinching love for the nation.

“We muts not take anything away from this victory. The guys deserve huge commendation for their love and commitment to the nation,” Addo said

“We must celebrate them and urge them to do more. I am still in doubt whether the scoreline was really 6-1.

“I must admit I couldn’t believe it but the truth of the matter is that the boys have shown beyond all reasonable doubt that they are eager to qualify to Brazil 2014.

“And I’m pressty sure they will leave no stone unturned in their quest to make it.”

The Black Stars now hold aces to qualify to the South American country next year after the 6-1 spanking, with a return leg expected to come off November 19.


    says: 6 years ago
    MY LAST COMMENT ON GSN...... GFA should pls and pls do everything within her power, pull all necessary strings to make sure that the return leg is not played in EGYPT. GFA pls and pls don't put the lives of your stars and supporters in danger by going to Egypt for the return leg. Keep your loved ones close cos they won't live twice. God bless Ghana, God bless Naija & long live west Africa football. Looking forward to an unfriendly-friendly match between NIGERIA VS GHANA. Goodbye GSN! Goodbye Ghanaians......
  • kwash
    says: 6 years ago
    Ghana can decided not to play the second leg so that fifa can give egypt 3 points 3 goals,and still Ghana will qualify.
  • kantoose
    says: 6 years ago
    Noni the born again? being objective for the first time. Kudos