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Exercise To Improve Your Performance on The Pitch

Published on: 28 September 2018
Exercise To Improve Your Performance on The Pitch
Black Stars training ahead of one of their matches

Football is one of the planet’s most loved sport. All year-round soccer fans fill up stadiums while others catch the action from home to watch their favorite players grace the pitch. Other than that, it is still a hobby to many with amateur players always going for a kick about at the local parks during weekends.

Having sublime skills will help you trick your opponent's. However, it can be very shameful if you are already out of breath after the first 10 minutes.  

Pro soccer players need to be physically fit to make it through the season and deliver top quality performances. Additionally, soccer is physically demanding.

In simpler terms, you need to exercise regularly to improve your strength and fitness levels.

And not only that you also need to ensure you eat a healthy and balanced diet to complement your workout routine.

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Here are top workouts to help you achieve top fitness if you are an upcoming football player looking forward to joining your local Sunday league club.

Barbell Squats

Traditional squats are a good compound movement workout. What this means is that you will work quite some muscles in one move. However, if you are training for football fitness barbell squats are the real deal.

Barbell squats have many benefits as they place more focus on your quadriceps, which are very vital when you are shooting. On the other hand, this exercise will help build up your core thus increasing your overall athleticism.

HIIT Sprints on a Bike or Treadmill

Pace is an essential asset when it comes to soccer. It can help you set your team up on counter moves or even close down opponents much quicker. High-Intensity Interval Training helps build your endurance levels alongside conditioning your anaerobic system.

Sprint sessions on a bike are less intense than those done on a treadmill. However, depending on your fitness levels, you can target five reps or 30 seconds speed peddling alternated by slower 60-second sessions to cool down.


Planks are an excellent way of strengthening your core muscles and building up your endurance levels. As discussed above your core muscles are very important for stability and full body coordination. Having strong core muscles will help you maintain your balance when running around the pitch. More so, it will help prevent opponents from pushing you over easily.


Deadlifts are a vital workout for any athlete looking to boost their power levels. Deadlifts help you work out most of your upper and lower body muscles. These muscles always come in handy in almost all movements you make on the pitch.

All deadlifts variants are right for your core muscles and will help you boss the game with sheer power when on the pitch.

Still, on the same ensure you get maximum rest to give your body time to repair and rebuild itself. Additionally, stay hydrated always, this will prevent you from gaining muscle cramps and will also boost your post-match recovery time.

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