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FCSB Coach reveals Ghanaian midfielder Baba Alhassan was not a transfer target 

Published on: 29 September 2022

FCSB coach Mihai Stoica has revealed that the club did not make a move for Ghanaian midfielder Baba Alhassan in the summer.

Reports went rife that the Romanian side had shown interest in signing Baba Alhassan from Hermannstadt.

Alhassan was reported to have gotten offers from CFR Cluj and Craiova University with a monthly salary of 10,000 euros per month, plus add ons.

FCSB Coach Mihai Stoica debunked reports his side had made the 22-year-old a transfer target.

"Gigi clearly said that she doesn't even know who it is. He even asked me, that everyone says this, it is an invention. Baba Alhassan is not wanted by FCSB. If perhaps someone wants to take money for Baba Alhassan, it is normal to throw this thing on the market that Gigi wants him, then maybe Craiova wants him, the CFR, who is paying, because otherwise I don't know who in Romania pays sums for transfer of a player.

"No problem, we have a clear system. He is not a bad player, he has three doubles, we know very well who he is. I also watched him last year in League 2, he played even a little further back, he didn't play so advanced.

"He's an interesting player, he turns 23 in January, but we have there... what can we do? Shall we give money to Baba Alhassan so that Olaru or Edjouma sit on the bench? Edjouma harder, because Edjouma is a little more closed than Baba Alhassan. We are not interested", said Mihai Stoica for Orange Sport.

Baba Alhassan has been in fine form this season scoring six goals in 10 appearances.



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