FEATURE: The disgrace of an incompetent search for a new Black Stars coach

Published on: 14 October 2014
FEATURE: The disgrace of an incompetent search for a new Black Stars coach
Patrick Kluivert has withdrawn from the race to be coach of Ghana

The Ghana FA – in particular the three-member committee – set up to hunt for a new coach for the Black Stars have only succeeded in making themselves a laughing stock to the rest of the world by shortlisting coaches who didn’t even want the job in the first place.

First Patrick Kluivert withdrew – saying he was never interested in the vacant position despite someone slapping in his CV.

And by the look of things, Marco Tardelli is following suit as is Bernd Schuster who was promoted from the standby list to replace Kluivert who had withdrawn from the race.

Which now begs the question, what on earth did the three-man search committee headed by Ghana FA Vice President Fred Crentsil do?

What went into their decision to shortlist coaches who by the look of things are least concerned about the opportunity being given them?

It is pretty obvious the three-man team only looked at the CV’s slapped in by waiting agents who are only looking to cash in on the opportunity provided by the Ghana FA to get in applications of coaches without their consent of the personalities they purport to be representing. And the ‘incompetent’ three-man search team who ought to know better to have done further check fell flatly for it. Pathetic!

Bernd Schuster also claims he has no knowledge of being in a race to be Ghana coach
Bernd Schuster also claims he has no knowledge of being in a race to be Ghana coach
The more depressing fact is that two coaches who they have had one-on-one contact with to initially discuss the opportunity becoming technical advisor and then eventually head coach of the Black Stars were considered not good enough to make the shortlist.

I am talking about Milovan Rajevac and Flemming Serritslev. These are coaches with confirmed interest in the job but no, Fred Crentsil, Fred Pappoe and Francis Oti-Akenteng hurriedly put together names into a five-man shortlist with a supplementary two on standby without doing the simple thing of registering and confirming their interest.

They have only succeeded in exposing they were working against one man, Milovan Rajevac.

And if the defence of taking Rajevac out was due to his demands of 70,000 Euros, how much did you expect to pay the other coaches who made the shortlist?

Marco Tardelli from the look of things is also opting out
Marco Tardelli from the look of things is also opting out
To make matters even worse, members of the Ghana FA Executive Committee according to reports are at the forefront of applying for coaches even before they seek their consent. What Kind of Mess is this?

How can an Executive Committee member of the GFA – if it’s true - steep so low to become an agent to a coach?

What it his motivation and how much influence will such a person exert on the others to tow his line?

I dare say it is even a crime to purport to represent someone without his consent or permission. But as it appears, in Ghana, anything goes. What a SHAME!

It is quite clear that the people entrusted with the responsibility of screening the over 32 applicants to bring forth worthy candidates for the job failed in their task.

I have never been a fan of opening the window for coaches to apply for a job. It breeds so much nepotism and incompetence as displayed by the three-man search committee.

If you want a coach, target the one you want based on your resources, plans and aspirations and enter into a negotiation. Go through the same cycle until you finally land your man. Simple, and save us these kind of embarrassments.

The whole process must be scrapped to give way to a proper search for a worthy candidate to become Black Stars coach, it’s the least the GFA can provide in these trying times.


  • Grandpaa
    says: 5 years ago
    luk at de beginning name of de three men committee Fred Crentsil, Fred Pappoe n Francis Oti. 3fs which mean if de committee seated for examination dey r total failure
  • stray bullet
    says: 5 years ago
    It seems nowadays, every thing concerning Ghana football is laughable. We didn't learn anything from the huge embarrassment we suffered from the world cup fiasco. GFA is synonymous with shame and mockery. I hope they find a decent coach very soon.
  • Truthurts
    says: 5 years ago
    What do you expect ? Fifa is currupt and lacks integrity with the currption cases emanating from their outfit ..It is no secret dat one bad nut can spoil the rest..logical reasoning,if fifa is currupt ,national associations are? sponsors pump money into black stars but black stars have nothing to show for it...not even afcon trophy ? Until this greedy stomach football administrators change their ways or resign, we aint seeing afcon for the next 30 yrs ..
  • Anokwale
    says: 5 years ago
    To be frank with you, they just need to get realistic and just stick with Konadu and hope for the best. A desperate hire at this point will simply lead to wasting money and disappointment.
  • Papa
    says: 5 years ago
    Each committee member have his own candidate? What a shame.
  • Nana Yaa
    says: 5 years ago
    Guys let me add my two cents to this discussion. If you hire an agent and the agent applies for a job on your behalf then technically you have applied for the job. The three man committee received applications from the agents so it’s right for them to say that the coaches applied. The reason they are dropping out is because they have assessed the situation and inside sources have informed them that they will not get the job. So in other to save face they quickly come out to say they are dropping out. This is not the fault of the three man committee. All those coaches know that the Avram guy is better and he will get the job that’s why they are dropping out like flies. I hope the decision will be made quicker so it saves us all the embarrassment aboard and unnecessary gossip.
  • Chu
    says: 5 years ago
    Say that name again, Fred Crenstil. Fred + Crenstil = Failure. Nothing this douch bag touch is remembered for greatness. See how RSA is delightful under Shakes. The solution to the whole fiasco is simple. Scrap the whole blackstars and rebuild with a new mentality. See how lazy those money imbeciles played. Not until a new coach lays a proper foundation. For that son of a bastard and bitch Osman, time ans election would take care of him ans his demonic appointments which follow him like ducklings.
  • Pappy
    says: 5 years ago
    If we had five member committee than we had ten applications? Send committee on vacation, we need a real coach asap.
  • agyemang
    says: 5 years ago
    How Grant can be our coach since he driven away from Thailand because prostitution with 10$ underage girls? He is sick.
  • Nana
    says: 5 years ago
    We don't need committee, give us Milo back.
  • Right name
    says: 5 years ago
    Nana is right, we need a successful coach because our players are unique in contrast to other teams. At this moment Milo is the best choice that we have and most successful for sure since he is familiar with our players.