FEATURE: Dropping Majeed Waris and Raphael Dwamena is a demonstration of technical and tactical bankruptcy by Avram Grant

Published on: 05 January 2017

Sometimes I wish I could write like an ordinary Ghanaian and not as a football writer because of my passion. But how will readers be able to distinguish my write-ups as a passionate Ghanaian and as a football writer? I wish they could.

The news of Majeed Waris and Raphael Dwamena's drop from the Black Stars' final squad for the 2017 Afcon tournament is not only a big blow but also a demonstration of Avram Grant's poor understanding of the basic rudiments of the game.

Some months ago, I wrote that Avram Grant is the worst foreign coach Ghana has ever had taking into consideration his technical and tactical bankruptcy.

He has poor game reading abilities and his selection of the template squad must tell you he even lacks the eye to pick the right players.

During the Black Stars four days training at Acquainas Park, the most impressive players have all been dropped from the squad; Latif Blessing, Rashid Sumaila and Nuru Suley.

Despite the fact that the three players were impressive at the Stars' training, they all came to the Stars' non-residential camping with impressive performances from club sides.

Rashid was the best player for his side Al Gharafa, had played over 40 matches for both Al Gharafa and Al Qadsia with 6 goals and over 10 man of the match awards. Rashid was voted the best foreign player in Kuwait, won his club's best defender and best player double.

Nuru Suley was the most consistent Ghana center back in the top European leagues while Latif Blessing had emerged the best player in the Ghana Premier League with over 17 goals in the season, winning the goal king and over 15 man of the match awards.

So at least, their performance before the non-residential camping pointed to the fact that they deserved to be with the team.

Now, Grant has hit Ghana with the biggest blow ever; dropping Majeed Waris and Raphael Dwamena.

Waris, despite returning from injury this season has played 14 matches with 4 goals. He ended last season with 11 goals in 20 matches and has recently hit top form as he won the player of the month award at Lorient.

Raphael Dwamena did not only impress all at the Black Stars training at Acquainas Park but also came with his impressive scoring record from Austria Lustenau. He had scored 18 goals in 20 matches and scored 6 goals at the Black Stars training recently.

Despite all these, Avram Grant thinks these are the players to be dropped from the team.

Each of the players picked is a Ghanaian but the fact is that the selection of Bernard Terkpetey is dubious and shall always remain so.

All we can say now is that let's leave everything to the coach, which is obviously what we can do, but the sad thing is that we will leave everything for the coach and he will end up deepening our 33 years winless run at the Afcon.

Well, behaving as the typical miraculous Ghanaian, we will expect Ghana to perform the usual magic at the tourney regardless of Avram Grant's visionless approach to the competition.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter


  • Kobinah Offen
    says: 2 years ago
    If a player with 23 goals in 23 appearances is dropped,also with 6 goals during de training session is dropped, how den will a player with only 1 europa league action n 5mins of bundisliga action should b selected??? Where on earth will Ebenezer Assifuah will b selected over majid waris over all his bench role at sion? How many goals has he scored at all dis season? How many appearances so far dis season? What at all is Jordan Ayew doing in dis squad? Favouratism indeed at it peak? Edwin Gyimah? For a player to suffer an accident with some wounds all over his face b selected over an inform Attamah Larweh hu's team are leading de Turkish super lig. Ahhhhhbaaaaiiii!!!! Jonathan Mensah, a bench wormer for Anzhi was selected over an inform Rashid Sumalia with 6 goals n 10 man of de match awards??? Avram Grant.....time aso. twaso twaso twaso!!!!!!!! GHANAIANS HAVE SPOKEN!!! KOBINAH OFFEN IS DE NAME...FROM APREMDO ...TAKORADI
  • Jeslord
    says: 2 years ago
    It Obvious that selection is not made on merits, it just lives the ordinary Ghanaian to have two thoughts about our call ups, it gives the pay as you go impression or pure favoritism. So my candid advice to the dropped players and the hopefuls start negotiations to join the pay as you go consultuom at the FA for future call ups. Asem beba debi
  • OGYA
    says: 2 years ago
    This is the reason why I called this idiot of a coach a parasite and a torn on the side of the Ghana Black Stars. His main goal is not to improve the strength of the team but indirectly destroy them. How can a guy who calls himself a coach be so bankrupt in his ability to recognize talent? All this comes down to one person, Nyantakyi, the vision-less, corruptible, kleptomanic, little brain leader of the GFA who made that bad decision to employ a jew for political reasons instead of his qualification to do the job. We all know how incompetent and unscrupulous Nyantakyi is but what are we going to do about that? fellow Ghanaians. It defies logic that Avram Grant keeps calling Jordan Ayew to the Black Stars despite his lack of talent and skills even at the club level. Is Nyantakyi trying to help his fellow Northerners son?
  • Blag
    says: 2 years ago
    I watched all the training session of the Black Stars at the St. Thomas Acquainas Park and I seem to agree with most of your assertion with the exception of the view on Bernard Tekpetey. Latif Blessing, Ebenezer ofori, Bernard Tekpetey and Raphael Dwamena were the exceptional players at the training grounds. Bernard Tekpetey was by far apart from Latif extremely good compared to the others. His strenghth, control and dribbles were exceptional. Dwamena was potent but did not jell well with the entire team. I would have dropped Assifuah for Dwamena and added Nuru Sulley because Jonathan Mensah's fitness is suspect but on the basis of what i saw at the Acquainas Park, I think Grant should be given the benefit of the doubt. Tekpetey if given the opportunity will shock all of you. Mark my words
  • Kobby Stryder
    says: 2 years ago
    Useless coach... U pick Jordan ayew over Dwamena who has scored 18goals out of 20 games, u pick john boye or Jonathan over Rashid.. N our very own local goal king did not make the squad.. This outdated old man we call coach can not do anything for Ghana.. GFA should not renew his contract even if he wins the cup. He has discovered no new talent n relies on incompetent players. He makes the black stars team look like an easy team to be in. Where is the competition Mr.coach? Bench warms make the black star team now? Division 2 keepers who still warm benches r our no.1 keeper. Division 2 players r picked over 1st team players both locally n internationally. What an insult to our league. Useless GFA n useless coach.. Presenting big budgets to the Sports ministry so u can chop. It is all u know.. U don't want to win anything for this proud nation of ours. Fire burn all u Hippocrates who pretend to have the nations interest at heart whiles realistically only want to fill their pockets. Nyantekyi has lost his way n if the public were to be allowed to vote for a new FA president he will be long gone. Ghana will win nothing with this team. Mark it somewhere. I looked at the squad n the AFCON was over for me.
  • Tex
    says: 2 years ago
    I can understand the dropping of Latif, Dwamena is questionable. However, the dropping of Warris, I think is actually a smart move. Warris has not been reliable in the national team since 2013. He was terrible in the 2014 World Cup, and his last few call ups, Warris hasn't been productive, and despite him scoring goals his last 5 - 6 games, he's been terrible all season with his club. You have to look at the overall picture and just the moment.
  • Ghananabapa
    says: 2 years ago
    If you describe a coach that took the team to the final in the last edition of AFCON as worst coach, then I wonder your office. This is football not partisan politics. Coaches do not just pick statistics. They look beyond statistics and creativity and discipline. Every player must have at least two roles he can play for the team. Therefore if two players are competing for one position, but one of them can play a second role in another position, such player is picked ahead of the limited specialist. Lets allow the coach to coach, and allow the supporters to support, and the fans to have fan. The writers can write then the analysts will analyse.
  • lejend
    says: 2 years ago
    Grant is a joke, see none of the fringe players will tast proper action. Hr should stop wasting everybodys time.In any case Jordan is as poor as Warris but ??????
  • john akpa
    says: 2 years ago
    Asamoah Gyan should have made way for Dwamena !!! He has hardly played recently and is either injured or half fit. Gyan has helped organize the training camp in UAE so he gets to play in this tournament. If this tournament doesn't go well, Asamoah Gyan and of course Grant must go.