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Feature: The Ghana FA Executive Committee matter

Published on: 04 July 2011

Last week saw a lot of brouhaha on issues surrounding our football.

Since the extraordinary congress that went and popularly acclaimed the Sepp Blatter of Ghana, quite a lot of ink has been poured into what will be happening in the coming weeks.

On top of the agenda has been the elections onto the executive committee of the FA.

I stand corrected but I think this is one of the most hotly contested executive committee elections of all time and will also be the one with the most candidates vying for a position on the committee.

It got me thinking about what at all is at that executive committee that is making so many people interested.

Indeed , I am even more worried when I get to see that some musical chairs is going on by some of the aspirants to ensure that at all cost they are associated with one club or the other to make their claim to the committee.

I am even surprised at some of the names that come up against certain clubs and I scratch my head wondering when such a fella got publicly associated with the club.

Anyway so I think the deadline is today for the submission of forms and for Kotoko, it is confirm that veteran sports administrator, the Honourable Owusu-ansah has submitted to represent Kotoko on the executive committee.

There was a lot of talk prior to the confirmation of owusu-Ansah by the board where so many names were popping up.

At some point in time, I even heard that executive chairman K.K Sarpong was going to submit his name himself.

I knew it was not true because long ago I had talked to doc about this and he made it emphatic that he was not interested.

I know all great men change their minds but surely, I doubted that K.K would take such a decision without my knowledge.

So I was not surprised when the honourable man was nominated by the Board to vie for Kotoko.

However what at all is it about the executive committee that doly doly doly we must have representation?

I hear a lot of arguments about the fact that if you do not have representation there you will struggle in the league and decision will go against you and that is where the mafia is and all that.

Are people sure of what they are saying? Are we saying that if you are not on the executive committee then your club cannot win the league or what?

I have heard so many reasons why Kotoko should have a rep on the executive committee and maybe I would have wished that we do not get any rep and see how things pan out.

There is no smoke without fire but I really doubt what these rumours are saying though on the other hand there may be some truth there, as people are leaving no stone unturned to be on the committee.

For me what is important is that our local league needs a boost and those on the executive committee have a duty to Ghana soccer to ensure that our league gets to the right level.

At least with the current laws of FIFA, it is football people who should be serving on the executive committee so at least they know how things are impacting their clubs and should be taking decisions in the interest of Ghana football and not necessarily only their clubs.

I hope this year's elections give us some fresh faces that will take decisions in the best interest of Ghana Football.

Kojo Addae Mensah

Columnist Asante Kotoko Express Newspaper

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