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FIFA backs Ghana Football Association's talent scouting initiative

Published on: 25 May 2023

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has received a significant boost as FIFA has provided resounding backing for a talent scouting initiative in the country.

Spearheading this game-changing endeavour is Bernard Lippert, the technical director of the Ghana Football Association.

Speaking on Peace FM, Lippert highlighted the progress made in recent years in establishing grassroots leagues but emphasised the need to now focus on elite football.

He shared his experience from a recent meeting in Algeria with FIFA, where support was granted for scouting and developing the best talents in Ghana.

"We now have the support from FIFA to scout and develop the best talents, the truly exceptional ones. We are planning to establish regional academies in collaboration with the FA, although funding remains a significant challenge," Lippert stated.

He further revealed that the GFA will embark on the construction of regional academies and revamp the youth football system. The aim is to bring together the most promising players from these regional academies to create a strong foundation for talent development in Ghana.

Lippert acknowledged that scouting talent across the entire country would take time, but expressed optimism about the progress being made. He stated, "We are on a very good path to completely change our system. In the past, it was difficult to scout talent from all corners of the country, but now we are working towards that goal."

The support from FIFA marks a significant step forward for Ghanaian football as the GFA aims to identify and nurture the best talents in the country.

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