FIFA U-17 World Cup – All You Need To Know

Published on: 13 October 2017
FIFA U-17 World Cup – All You Need To Know
Ghana U17 side Black Starlets are among the favourites for the competition

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Soccer is probably one of the most popular games around the globe. This sport has millions of fans in every country, and each team has a dedicated fan base to support them.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a game where each team is being cheered on by an entire country, which makes the World Cup games entertaining and nerve wrecking at the same time.

If you are passionate about soccer, but the abundance of tournaments gives you a headache, read on and learn a bit about the ongoing games. This way, you will be able to follow all the soccer news without getting confused, and you will be able to use this information however you see fit.

The Basics

TheU-17 World Cup is very much the same as the well-known games we all watch with so much attention. The only difference between the tournaments is in the players’ age group, which in this case – involves young, underage players that have a lot of potential.

The first phase of the tournament is a group phase, in which four teams compete against each other, till there is one team left standing. Each winner from every group moves on to the next round, where all the winning teams compete again and again till there is only one winner left in the game.

On top of it all, the losing semi-finalists continue fighting for the third place till the very end, which means that nothing is set in stone even if the team loses at one point or another.

Following those games may not be as exciting as watching the adult teams compete, but it provides you with a rare chance to watch the future players in action before they move on to the big leagues.

One of the latest games featured Ghana vs. the USA team, which was an exhilarating battle to watch. Although Ghana lost, the team still showed the world that they should be taken seriously. Luckily for us, the tournament is far from being over, which means we will get to witness a lot more action in the near future.

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Taking corner with world flags soccer ball
Taking corner with world flags soccer ball
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To Wrap Things Up…

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