Five tips for footballers to setting up a home gym

Published on: 04 December 2018
Five tips for footballers to setting up a home gym
Manchester City star David Silva exercises regularly and needs a gym at home

Having a home gym is obviously one of the best things that could ever happen to a footballer and most people who don't even play the game. This is because it spares you from the trouble of having to budget for gym membership, meaning you will save the money for other expenses.

In addition to that, it gives you an opportunity to work out in an environment that’s not crowded. Moreover, you can train at your own convenience. All you need to do is decide where you want the gym to be and bring in the necessary training equipment.

However, majority of homeowners don’t know how to set up a gym. Here is a list of tips that can guide you in establishing a training facility within your home.

  1. Dedicate a Specific Area

The key to succeeding in setting up a home gym lies in the choice of space. Although you have the freedom to set it anywhere, you must select a space that’s rarely used. If your home is big, the basement would be the best place for working out without being interrupted by kids, pets and visitors. Those who live in apartments can dedicate a corner or a room that’s not commonly used. The advantage of dedicating a specific area is that it helps in ensuring that your training equipment remains in an organized manner. If you set the gym in a room that has high traffic, other people are likely to move your stuff from where you left them.

  1. Shop for Basic Gym Supplies

The worst mistake that you can make when looking for gym equipment to buy is to go without a budget. This is due to the fact that you will buy items that are beyond your means. You should draft a budget so that you know what you can afford to buy. Since most gym equipment cost an arm and a leg, it’s advisable you give first priority to the most crucial training equipment. Some of the equipment to add in your bucket list includes the best recumbent exercise bike, barbell weights, dumbbells and benches. You should strategize on stocking your gym later to avoid straining your finances.

  1. Develop a Workout Plan

It’s important you decide when you want to be working out. Your workout plan should be guided by your schedule. Ideally, you should train during your free time and when there is minimum interruption. If you are an entrepreneur, you can be training early in the morning. The advantage of being a morning person is that you will not be disturbed by the kids or pets because they will still be sleeping. However, if your schedule doesn’t create time for working out in the morning, you can train late in the evening. But you should ensure it’s after taking supper so that most of the household occupants will be asleep.

  1. Customize the Space

Spicing up your home gym makes it more welcoming. Leaving the walls empty with dull colors will discourage you from staying in the room for too long. For a start, you can paint the walls with bright colors. Besides that, you can pin up pictures of popular athletes. Such images will encourage you to train harder when you feel like throwing in the towel. If you are bothered by other people when they peep into your gym, you can add blinds on the windows to create the privacy that you want.

  1. Install an Extra Layer of Floor

Most floors can’t withstand from the weights that are used in a gym. If you live in a rented apartment, the landlord might charge you more money when moving out so that the floor can be repaired before a new tenant occupies the house. You can avoid such problems by installing a temporary floor in your gym. The extra layer of floor will protect the main floor from being worn out by weights, especially when they are dropped accidentally. You should actually invest in a floor mat that’s made from rubber because it’s more durable.  


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