Football, The Richest Sport In The World

Published on: 10 April 2019
Football, The Richest Sport In The World
Players are among the best paid athletes in the world

Football also known as soccer in some countries, is the worlds most popular sport. It is played by millions of people in over 200 countries. Soccer is played by very young children, college students and professionals.

Fifa world cup is the most watched event in the sports. So what is soccer? It is a game that is played between two teams having eleven members each. The objective of each team is to pass the ball through the goal that is 24 foot wide and 8 foot high.

The only person who can hold the is goal keeper, other players must use their legs, knees, chest and head to play the game. A game is 90 minutes that is divided into 45 minutes sessions. After 45 minutes of game play, break period is given. There is a lot of money in this game.

Money involved in the game is increasing in every world cup since 1982. Total prize money of the latest work cup 2018 held in Russia stood at $791. In word cup 2014 held in brazil total prize money was $576 million and was $420 million in 2010, South Africa.

If you are a good player then you can earn millions yearly. Just to give you an idea of amount involved, let’s take a look at the estimated earnings a few known players.

Lionel Messi is the top rated soccer player who earns over $100 just from soccer. He also works in advertisements and have worked as brand ambassador for many top brands. At present he is the brand ambassador of India’s automotive company Tata motors.

Working for the Real Madrid Club, Cristiano Ronaldo is another fine player earning over $100 from football. Ronaldo is the brand ambassador of DAZN, a sports streaming service. Nike also signed him for lifetime in 2006 for $1 billion.

Nayer of brazil earns $28.5 million. On December 9, 2018, Qatar National Bank Group appointed Neymar Jr as its brand ambassador in 2018. Nike also made a 11 year deal with him.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester united and Bayern Munich are the top 5 clubs by wages payed in 2017.

Even after retiring from football, a player can earn over $50 million a year just as Josep Guardiola, a former player and Spanish professional football coach serving as manager of Premier League club Manchester City.

He is one of the greatest, most successful and stylish managers who loves iwc watches, the IWC Big Pilot he wear shoes the quality of his taste. He used to play for FC Barcelona. He also managed the club for a while.

Other than players and companies involved directly in the soccer sponsorship, many businesses promote their products during major events as world cup or premier league. You can see advertisement for cold drinks, shoes, bags, watches, cars, sportswear, banks and telecommunication.

Local business in the area of event earn big as well. People arriving at the event buy drinks, food, air horns, face paint, tea shirts of their favorite player or team to cheer them.