Former Asante Kotoko goalkeeper George Owu urges players to play with unwavering dedication

Published on: 07 December 2023

Former Kotoko goalkeeper George Owu has passionately urged them to approach the game with unwavering dedication and play with all their hearts, emphasising the unique connection players share with the club.

Owu, whose history with Asante Kotoko is deeply rooted, expressed his gratitude, revealing that the club played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Beyond the pitch, Owu found himself indebted to the club, highlighting a remarkable gesture by Asante Kotoko.

"Kotoko is a team that requires you to put all your heart into it. If you are a player for Kotoko, you have to be ready to die for the team and the supporters," he shared in an interview with Dan Kweku Yeboah on YouTube.

Reflecting on the commitment expected from Kotoko players, Owu emphasised that representing the team goes beyond just a job; it's a responsibility to the fans and the legacy of the club. He acknowledged that defeats may occur, but sometimes they are not solely the players' fault.

"They have to see that these boys want to work hard for the team. When I was leaving the team, I, as a player, owed them. I got a loan from them and still owe them. Kotoko did not collect the money I owed them," Owu revealed, underlining the unique bond between players and the club.

Kototo are currently sixth on the Ghana Premier League table with 19 points after 13 games.

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