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Former Ghana FA vice capo Fred Pappoe casts doubt about football restart

Published on: 23 June 2020

Former Ghana FA vice-president Fred Pappoe doubts football will restart in the country anytime soon.

Football has been halted in the country since the coronavirus outbreak, putting clubs in a tight financial situation.

There are uncertainty surrounding when football will return in the West African country as government does not appear interested, at least for now.

And former Ghana FA vice-president Fred Pappoe has cast doubts about the restart of the game in the country.

“If you look at the fact that we are having the infection rate going up at this stage, it’s still dangerous, it’s not getting positive or encouraging,” he said.

“You will ask yourself that, if under the circumstances whether we can start our game, definitely we cannot unless there is a change.

“Now one can also argue that other leagues are playing, England, Spain and all the rest.

“But then you ask yourself what they did or what they are doing to enable them playing safely. Do we have the capacity to do what they’ve done or what they are doing to get to this level…Definitely I think that will also be difficult.

“So much as it is sad to say it, looking at what we know now and what is happening now, it will be very difficult to say we should start our game.”

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