Four ailments that may require pain management for footballers

Published on: 31 December 2018
Four ailments that may require pain management for footballers
Daniel Amartey suffers from injury that has taken some pain management

There has been an increase in the number of footballers and people suffering from chronic diseases that require pain management.

Ghanaian footballers like Baba Rahman and Daniel Amartey have in recent times suffered serious injuries that have required them managing pain as part of their recovery process.

While this has been a huge problem over the past few years, ordinary Ghanaian football fans who play in the park and other people have also been suffering from ailments that also call for the need for pain management.

There are different approaches to pain management, some of which are medical while others are natural.

On the downside, some people have abused some pain medications and that is why you find Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management as well as alternatives to other vastly abused medications.

With that said, the following are some of the most common ailments that may require pain management:


Migraines usually occur on one side of the head. The patient usually experiences throbbing aches on the side of the head but may occur on both sides. The headaches are usually intense and can interfere with your activities because the pain can be excruciating unless dealt with, what’s more, the pain can also affect the neck and face. Migraines can also cause high sensitivity to noise and light and the best way to deal with it is to find a quiet place to lay down and relax for a while. You can also opt for the over-the-counter painkillers or any other form of medication to help soothe the pain.

Complex regional pain syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome, often abbreviated as CRPS, is often caused by an injury. A bone fracture, a cut or a burn can cause the long-lasting pain resulting from CRPS. The pain can be intense and continuous, and contact with the affected area can provoke more pain. The pain is however not the same as that of the injured limb or part of the skin and while it is usually confined to one part of the body, it can also spread to other parts.

Cluster headaches

They often manifest themselves similar to migraines, on one side of the head, but are often felt in the area around the eye. Cluster headaches are characterized by a stinging sensation that is usually very severe and starts without a warning. The pain is usually intense such that it causes restlessness and agitation to the patient. While there are different ways to manage the pain, some people who suffer from cluster headaches may react by hitting their head against the wall to stop the pain.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones can cause pain, especially when passing urine. The kidney stones are usually passed out with urine and that is why it is usually a painful experience. The pain can, however, begin in the middle of the night and prolog for several hours even after passing urine. The pain linked to kidney stones is not continuous but if the pain is severe, one is advised to go to A&E. The pain experienced when passing kidney stones through urine is often characterized by sudden sharp and cramping pain in the groin or sometimes in the lower back.