FUNNY: Kevin Boateng jokes he broke his mum's pelvis at birth because he wanted to rush out

Published on: 14 November 2017

Ghanaian international Kevin Prince Boateng is joking that he broke his mother's pelvis at birth because when was in a rush to pop out.

Kelvin who has changed his jersey name from Boateng to Prince at Eintracht Frankfurt jokes he is a 'Prince' because he broke his mum's pelvis.

Boateng jokingly says "my mother was operated immediately after my birth and could not intervene in the subject. By the way, I broke his pelvis when I left. I wanted to go out ... " he told Hit Radio FFH.

The controversial Ghanaian footballer who has spent most of his football career in Germany where he grew up then reveals his name was wrongly spelt at the hospital where he was born.

"I do not like my name. By mistake, on the birth certificate they gave me Kelvin. Nobody knows yet. I would not have had to play football at all, because the name alone is already stellar ...

"The truth is that they wrote badly in the hospital. My real name was Kevin and then it stayed that way," he revealed.

Boateng says that is the reason why he now has only Prince at the back of his jersey since the Kevin is controversially spelt some times.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter