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Gambling, Youth And The Internet: Should We Be Concerned?

Published on: 04 February 2020
Gambling, Youth And The Internet: Should We Be Concerned?
Gambling is done by the youth

There is simply no denying that online gambling is everywhere. Heck, it isn’t just here, it is taking over the market. You can’t turn on a sports show without hearing or seeing some ads for a bookie or casino.

This is already an industry that has grown to a billion dollars or more in just a short amount of time. And, the most exciting part is that it is only forecasted to continue growing.

This is truly exciting and potentially lucrative for the right investors. However, these revelations do and should bring about some concerns.

With easier access to online casinos, it is not only probable that teens and other youngsters might venture into the world, but they may get addicted or suffer other afflictions related to online gambling. Should parents be concerned?

The Accessibility

Speaking of easy access, this is one thing that the online gambling community prides itself on. The industry wants to be more open and available to consumers, which poses the problem of exposure. Online gambling is literally everywhere right now, and it is easier than ever for people to get registered and enrolled with a provider. Heck, a teen could easily swipe his or her parent’s credit card and sign up for a gambling account. There is simply no way right now for casinos to monitor these kinds of activities, and this is one of the major problems in the industry right now. The only real way to prevent this is to have parents step in. Parents are going to have to do a better of monitoring their kids' online activities.

Addiction Is Real

There is no denying that gambling causes addiction. It is right there in the facts and science will prove this over and over again. Once a kid gets hooked on the excitement and feelings that gambling brings about it can be hard for them to get over it. Heck, it can be hard for adults to get past these feelings. And, this is why a lot of quality online providers like judi online have started taking extra precautions. These sites and several others started instituting a limit. Players will only be allowed to gamble so much money each month. Once that limit is reached there will be no more depositing money, but this still brings about other concerns. One is that this method can easily be bypassed by simply creating other accounts.

Physical Symptoms

Most people see gambling as a mental thing, but there is no denying that it has as well. First being that you could end up draining your bank account of the banking account of your parents. That aside, it has also been reported that people with gambling addictions also suffer from depression, anxiety, stomach problems, and suicidal thoughts. There is a real potential for physical implications in this industry as well.


Online gambling is scary and the thoughts of someone you love getting addicted to it can be even scarier. This is why you need to make sure that you are doing more than your part to prevent another of these unwanted behaviors. Start by monitoring your child’s online activities.



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