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For all commercial enquiries, including advertising, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Phone Number: 00233244234083

Advertising Options

We cater for a good range of advertising units to suit your proposed campaign, please check our rate-card below for sizes.

The statistics from Alexa shows we rank around 47,000 globally with heavy traffic for Ghana while there are also strong numbers from some top countries like USA, UK, Canada and Germany.

This is similarly reflected on the numbers we get on Google Analytics.

We deliver executions in: GIF, Flash, Dynamic HTML, Java, Interstitial Ads, Superstitial Ads, and Transitional Ads.

Rich media formats enable advertisers to enhance the interactivity and creativity of their advertising executions and can also be used within all advertising types.

We offer Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders in a variety of sizes with limited user exposure to intrusive form of advertising through the use of cookies.

We can deliver creative across our network, a specific site, channel or more targeted campaigns for specific key areas.

With these decent numbers, signing up to order your sponsored articles or guest posts will bring the desired traction for potential companies seeking to market their products or improve their SEO.


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