Ghana's No. 1

President of the Normalisation Committee of Ghana Football, Dr, Kofi Amoah is confident of a bright future for Ghana Football as the tenure of the NC comes close to an end. 

The football fraternity have gathered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra to approve the new statutes as well as the rod map to the next election.

"I sit before you with the hope of a great future Ghana football enterprise," Dr. Amoah said. "We are a fine football nation and our past glories can inspire us; but we need to get back to the drawing board and plan for the future," he added.

The NC's job will be over if congress approves the statutes presented at the extraordinary congress.

The road map to the next election will begin immediately as the football fraternity chooses their next leader.

Ghana's football has been at a standstill since the collapse of the former administration following the Anas Expose.

A normalisation committee was set to run football and after a year in charge, the Dr. Kofi Amoah led committee are set to complete work.

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