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GFA General Secretary slams George Afriyie's comments on Ghana Premier League qualification

Published on: 25 May 2023

The General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Prosper Harrison Addo, has criticised George Afriyie's recent remarks suggesting that his team cannot qualify for the Ghana Premier League under the leadership of GFA President Kurt Okraku.

Addo expressed his disappointment, stating that no one has the power to prevent a team from qualifying for the Ghanaian top flight when the GFA's daily activities are under his responsibility.

Addo emphasised that instead of making such statements, Afriyie should focus on improving his team's performance and strive to secure a top position in the league table, which would guarantee their promotion.

When asked about Afriyie's comments during an interview with Asempa FM, Addo responded, "It's an unfortunate comment. Wasn't he the FA Vice President? If his team is leading the league table, they will qualify for the Ghana Premier League."

Furthermore, Addo drew a comparison to illustrate his point, mentioning that the team associated with GFA president is currently fighting against relegation. He pointed out, "Isn't it Dreams FC that is currently battling relegation?"

In an interview with Sompa FM in April, George Afriyie had expressed his doubts about his team's chances of qualifying for the top flight, attributing it to certain individuals being targeted as enemies.

He stated, "From my perspective and from the perspective of my adversaries, I don't see how my team can qualify. This is because certain individuals have been targeted as enemies, so how can you qualify?"

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