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GFA set to receive at least $5 million from FIFA FORWARD programme

Published on: 04 January 2023

The Ghana Football Association is set to be boosted by a whooping amount of $5 million from the FIFA FORWARD programme in 2023.

The mount could go up if the federation is able to convince FIFA With their plans and projects for the development of the sport in the West African nation.

The FIFA FORWARD programme is in line with the president, Gianni Infantino's vision of increasing competitiveness of the game across the globe.

“When we launched the FORWARD development programme, FIFA embarked upon a new era of global football development that is now heading into its third cycle”, said Infantino. “It is vital that we are now strengthening our commitment to building a stronger foundation for the growth of football.

“The new cycle will provide increased investment, greater impact through the achievement of football development objectives and continued oversight to ensure that all funds are used responsibly”, Mr Infantino continued. “We have increased this funding seven-fold but our revenues are not increased seven-fold; just that at the new FIFA since 2016 money goes where it has to go and that is back into football.”

The latest four-year cycle of the FIFA FORWARD programme will see the following activities undertaken:

  • Up to USD 5 million for each member association to cover its operational costs in relation to football activities.

  • USD 3 million for each member association to execute well-planned, specific football projects that contribute to the achievement of long-term football development objectives.

  • For member associations that are identified as needing the most assistance, up to USD 1.2 million each to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for their national teams as well as football equipment.

  • USD 60 million for each confederation to develop, promote and organise football within the regions of its member associations.

  • Up to USD 5 million for each zonal/regional association to organise regional football competitions for men, women and youth.

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