Ghana coach Akwasi Appiah coy on mysterious right-hand strapping

Published on: 17 October 2013
Ghana coach Akwasi Appiah coy on mysterious right-hand strapping
Akwasi Appiah spotting his right-hand strapping in a press conference

Ghana coach Kwasi Appiah is refusing to reveal the real story behind his mysterious right hand strapping.

The Black Stars coach has been spotting a bandage strapping on his right hand in recent times even though his health is believed to be intact.

Many have therefore made several interpretations including superstition to Appiah’s heavily strapped right hand.

The ex Ghana captain is however remaining coy on the mysterious subject after he was asked about it during the post-match press conference after the emphatic 6-1 win over Egypt on Tuesday.

The Black Stars coach took some time to gather his thoughts after the question was posed and said: “OK, I won’t tell you,” amidst sarcastic laughter.

He then took off the bandage and threw it into the scrambling assembled media – perhaps to prove there is nothing superstitious about it.


  • Ghone
    says: 6 years ago
  • PITO
    says: 6 years ago
    Stupid Question! Some 2 by 4 journalist who never completed j.s.s and still believe in mediocre medieval superstitions so much his thinking ability has been incapacitated and as such unable to ask technical questions. last time i heard someone complaining about Ayew bandaging his 2 fingers. Backward entities!!! who cares if nelly the American rapper always has a plaster on his left cheek or why otto pfister wears no belt? Ask technical questions and spare us the crap. I will watch agya koo movie if I want to hear comedies.
  • Factual
    says: 6 years ago
    Leave the coach alone! He has a quite demeanor and soft spoken. And naturally there are some people who need to hold unto something in their hands to be able to focus in public/crowd. I had some classmates,who couldn't speak in class unless they have something in their a pen or anything,it's psychological. If you want to know kwesi appiah's religious background I suggest u go and ask SONNIE BADU. The coach attended Sonnie badu's prayer service in the UK recently and was prayed for severally prior to the match. He's christian.
  • Jnr. Fabulous
    says: 6 years ago
    If ghana had lost questions wouldn't have been asked about this bandage.Why u people?
  • theprince
    says: 6 years ago
    Foolish journalism at it best
  • Andrew in Nigeria
    says: 6 years ago
    There's nothing wrong with the question. Must every question be serious? It was a light-hearted question and the coach understood. Just something to laugh over.
  • African Consciousness
    says: 6 years ago
    Congratulations to Coach Appiah and Konadu and the technical staff. The Black Stars warmed Ghanaian hearts in their brilliant performance. Coach Appiah however must do what he does best stay focused and keep his players focused. In soccer it is not over, it is not settled till the final whistle blows. There are some who are ready to book flights to Brazil but I say let us go to Egypt or the neutral venue and finish the job. The Ghana coaching staff must watch USA vrs Panama on October 15th for a warning. Panama was playing at home in front of their fans. A win against the USA gets them a play-in against New Zealand at the expense of Mexico. With less than 5 minutes left in the game Panama is ahead 2-1 but lost focus, concede the equalizer and then gives away a goal to lose the game 2-3. Their mistake was celebrating without sealing the victory. Their other mistake was the coaches mistake. Why keep attacking when you have minutes left in a game when defending for a few minutes, five minutes gets you into a chance to qualify for the greatest opportunity in a soccer players life? My advise to Coach Appiah stay focused select a defensive minded line up from 1 to 11. Even the strikers must be defensive minded. Players that will track back and help defend and recover the ball. Play 90 minutes of Ghana style, beautiful soccer and seal the deal for Brazil. Short passes, through balls, long balls behind the defense, in short Ghana brand soccer, unselfish one for all and all for one soccer. Just like our country and national politics, Ghanaian first before any other consideration. This is what is making Ghana great. The love in our hearts, the love that we have for each other, the love that we have for our country, this is what is moving our country and we must never ever give that up. It does not matter wether we are from the north or the south, the east or the west. the center or above, Moslem or Christian, Animist or Atheist, we are all Ghanaians first and foremost and this is the love that will sustain our country and be a beacon for the rest of Africa. We must not give this up. We must resist the divisiveness that will tear us apart with every fibre in our being. Long live Ghana, God Bless our Black Stars. Be not afraid, the Egyptians lost 1-6 in Kumasi but they felt the love and hospitality in Ghana and they will do the same in Cairo or wherever the game is scheduled. Love is very powerful. The Black Stars are under the protection of the love that is also present in Egypt.
  • spOBA
    says: 6 years ago
    theres nothing wrong with that question, goodness not every question must be serious. You sound very ignorant because even in the western world journalists ask all sorts of questions..Have you ever watched a Jose Mourinho press conference? My guess is no