Ghana defender Lee Addy facing Fifa action over Red Star absence

Published on: 26 June 2011

Ghana defender Lee Addy has been given a deadline of midnight on Monday to join his Serbian club Red Star or face disciplinary action at Fifa and Uefa.

The former Berekum Chelsea star has not returned for pre-season in Belgrade despite concluding his international assignments.

Addy was part of the Black Stars that played in the matches against Congo and South Korea and was expected to have rejoined his team-mates two weeks ago.

The central defender has refused to answer several calls from the coach and legend of the club Robert Proscineski since he failed to turn up.

The only Red Star official who was able to reach the Ghanaian is team manager Mirko Abramovich who had called the player for seven days before reaching him.

Addy told Abramovich that he has been struck down by malaria but since last week club officials have not heard from him which prompted their decision to take disciplinary action against him.

"Addy simply does not answer the calls he get from Red Star officials," Sports Director of Red Star Ivan Adzic said.

"The only one who was able to maintain contact with him, after seven days of trying, is the team manager Mirko Abramovich.

"He pointed out to him that he should appear at the club no later than 27 June and since then there has been no sign of them Addy.

"Therefore we are waiting until Monday. If he does not appear in Belgrade we will send a disciplinary complaint UEFA and FIFA,'' Adzic added.

After several disciplinary issues with late arrival from national team matches, Red Star are skeptical about Addy claims of contracting malaria insisting the club can treat him.

''He's a pro and should know that all these issues can only be detrimental to his career," Adzic said.

"We could provide that treatment of malaria in Belgrade, but he did not give us a chance, since it does not answer our calls.''

Addy was banished to the club's reserves after failing to arrive early from the Ghana-England friendly at Wembley in March.


  • pacifi
    says: 8 years ago
    the headline doesnt match the story at all..his team has not yet reported him to fifa so how can he be facing fifa`s editor u can do better than this
  • Unknown
    says: 8 years ago
    I really wonder what goes on in footballers' minds at times, what a complete idiot for not showing up and ignoring calls from the hand that feeds you and your fam! He better come up with a very good explanation for his absence..
  • Emml, Accra
    says: 8 years ago
    Oh my! This is bad publicity for players from our dear motherland.
  • Francis de assisi
    says: 8 years ago
    U guys should remember: there is no smoke without fire. Just one or two months ago we read on this same site that Addy wanted to quit this club because they haven't been paying his wages. So I think that may be the reason for his actions. He cannot play without been paid. It's as simple as that. Slavery is finished and buried long time ago.
  • Francis de assisi
    says: 8 years ago
    I mean slavery died and was buried centuries ago so no one should try to use Addy for gratis.
  • Red-Star-Belgrade
    says: 8 years ago
    Hi is payed every euro, and his salary has never been late. He began behave unprofessionally with no reason, and all I want to say is that no one is above the club, no one is above the Red Star Belgrade! For that reason, I support disciplinary charges against Lee Addy.
  • A concerned citizen
    says: 8 years ago
    Lee Ardy don't be a coward come out boldly and express yourself if Red Satr is treating you bad so we can all support you. Hidden as a coward is unprofessional and it is not only going to cause you at club the level but the National level as well.
  • Coby
    says: 8 years ago
    There's two sides to every story....don't jump to conclusions till you hear Addy's version. Period!!!
  • Amisty
    says: 8 years ago
    To me lee addy has his own reason of doing that,let give him a tought