Ghana FA boss defends new national team call-ups

Published on: 09 November 2011

By Ameenu Shardow

Kwasi Nyantakyi has jumped to the defence of the latest Black Stars squad billed to play international friendlies later this week.

The 20-man squad has been vehemently criticized especially following the call-ups of debutants Jefferey Schlupp and Charles Takyi.

Many believe Marseille youngster Jordan Ayew who is not in the squad is best placed for a call-up but Nyantakyi insists Coach Goran Stevanovic’s explanation in his squad defence was satisfactory.

“Charles Takyi in particular the coach has watched him so many times and it is on the request of the coach that we applied to Fifa on his behalf for the nationality switch, he (Stevanovic) watched him and he thinks he is a good player who has value to add to our team,” Nyantakyi told

“In the case of Jefferey Schlupp, the assistant coach has also watched him very closely; he is about one of the best strikers in Leicester City now.

“And the assistant coach Akwasi Appiah has had discussions with Eriksson on that particular player and Eriksson thinks that this is a player who holds prospects for the future.

“And so gives an opportunity for the coach to have a closer look at him with the call-up.”

Ghana will battles Sierre Leone on Saturday in Paris and plays Gabon days later at the same venue.


  • Awenbro
    says: 8 years ago
    It is a fact that Nyantayi does not want the Ayews in the team.If not,but for the excellent performance of Dede,he would have excluded him too.And it seems Nyantakyi's second term is aimed at the Ayew boys.And it is all because of the contention between him and their father before he Nyantayi's re-election.People should get that.
  • JKQ
    says: 8 years ago
    We dont needto call up Jordan because we know what he can do. We need to keep experimenting and tying down players who are committed to Ghana.Stevanovic is doing a great job in this respect by widening the player pool. We noe have alhassan, abeyie is back, Takyi, adomah,schlupp and abu has emerged. We dont need KPB!
    says: 8 years ago
    Jo Ayew shuld've been called.Cos he also need experience in da black stars.
  • Kk
    says: 8 years ago
    Jo Ayew has bn handed some call ups already. He even led d attack against Brazil. New players must be called for assessment esp at d attack. KPB is a low down pop corn
  • quophai
    says: 8 years ago
    spot on my friend. we all know what Jordan is capable of doing. I believe he will be part of the squad for the AFCON. we however need to check out these new guys especially in case of injury and also for the future. Let's give the coach a free hand.
  • Jay
    says: 8 years ago
    We have already seen Jordan. He got 60 minutes against Brazl. how many have been given that chance... Boakye Yiadom has not gotten a chance yet!!!
  • homy
    says: 8 years ago
    Indeed Gh is a "wonderful football" nation! Some explanations are wonderful. Goran wld keep on experimenting till his final AFCON list comes out. That's marvellous! What happens to teamwork and cohesion? We have to wait till the few days we wll get in camp erh? Funny. Infact we are jokers. The coach have the core of the team in his mind that's wat pple say. Ok teanwrk wld be achieve in his mind, we wait to see. Instead of calling ur best players into camp to aid unity u sit there and say widening player pool and creating competition. U only call players in form to experiment where u av problems in ur team not calling players dat av future ba not current form and dropping those with gelling form. 1000s of kids in the colts av future y don't u call them? And read the defends of the prez, both the coach and assist mean they av not being watching j ayew ba shculp erh? God help gh
    says: 8 years ago
    Takyi is good, as for Jeffrey i have never watched him play but i believe the GFA and the coach are all looking for the success of our dearest team. I think we should give them time for them to concentrate, i still urge the technical team to work our attacking line. The midfielders should learn how to create sensible pace for the strikers to shine. They should also keep good eye on Derek asamoah i have watched him and he's very good, has speed,skillful and has control on the ball. GOD BLESS GHANA.
  • danny alvez
    says: 8 years ago
    if we have seen jordan play in the brazilian game,how many times did we see agyeman badu playing for the bs when he was even a bench many times have we seen adiyiah,lee ady and tagoe playing for the can a star like jo ayew who is paying in the champions and needs more experience from the bs to get experience be ignored,and yet the fa will come and tell us that they r helping build young talents,rubbish.we r not children nyantankyi
  • Mojahadine
    says: 8 years ago
    What you are saying is totally bogus without any merit. As much as I detest some of Nyantakyi's behavior as a GFA boss, I will cut him some slack on this issue that the coach and his technical team make all the decisions based on the strength of a player and what they bring to the BStars. The Blackstars do not belong to Abedi Pele and his family. At this time only Dede has the skills the Blackstars needed, the others don't. I salute the coach for making these tough decisions and ignoring the noisy Ghanaian public who are infatuated with names.
  • Adebayo
    says: 8 years ago
    I just hope is not the Tony Yeboah vs Abedi Pele rivalry about to repeat itself! Is anybody aware that Tony Yeboah is Jeffery Schulpp's agent?
  • Sam
    says: 8 years ago
    Pls give the coach a break and let him do his job,all of u keep making noise about jordan, how many times do u see jordan playing in the marsile team,he sits on the bench more than bein on the field.The is calling players that gets playing time. Why dont u people let the coach do his job rather than trying to decide what player he should call up and what player he be using.
  • Redd
    says: 8 years ago
    J Ayew was given the chance against brazil and what did he do?He was running around like a headless chicken.Like his senior brother he needs time to go through at least the U-23 TEAM to mature.I also suggest that he gets a loan deal away from marseille to somewhere he can play 90mins week-in-week-out.