Ghana FA dismiss negligence claims by retired footballers

Published on: 01 August 2011

By Ameenu Shardow

The Ghana Football Association has and will not desert retired players, the body’s spokesperson Randy Abbey has reiterated.

The association’s inability to make a representation at last Saturday’s fund raising dinner has prompted a barrage of criticisms, with ex national star Osei Kofi leading the charge.

The GFA has been accused of not showing enough interest when it comes to the retired footballers of whom Ghana pride itself as four-time African champions.

However, Randy Abbey has dismissed these claims saying the association has made a cautious effort to involve retired players in its operations.

“The GFA has always involved retired players in its setup and this clearly shows the level of interest attached to this category of people,” Abbey told Accra-based Hot FM.

“If you look at our various national teams, retired players are very much involved. If not in the technical team, you will find them in the management teams.”

The Ghana FA spokesman however apologized and explained on behalf of the body reasons for not attending the fund raising dinner having confirmed receiving of an official invitation.

“The organizer called to inform me off the invitation because both the President and his vice are out of the country.

“However, an emergency aroused and I immediately made it known to the organizers of my inability to attend but pledged to make an appearance if the situation wasn’t that dire.

“Therefore I have been in constant touch with the organizers and an impression shouldn’t be created as if the program was abandoned by the FA.” He added.


  • A concerned citizen
    says: 8 years ago
    Randy Abbey should stop that cover up. The retired players are the pace setters of soccer "made in Ghana" and as such when they invite you to attend their meeting there should not be any excuse all. The best thing the G.F.A could have done is to ask one of their members to represent them at this fund raising ceremony. The best solution now is to render their unqualified apology to the retired players association ans also contribute a huge sums of money to them. Although some of old players are working in the G.F. but that can not solve the problems of the retired players out there of which i'm lucky to live in the U.S
  • A concerned citizen
    says: 8 years ago
    Correction...any excuse at all