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Ghana FA Elections: Linford Boadu Asamoah outlines ideas to transform Eastern Regional Football

Published on: 15 October 2019

Aspirant for Eastern Regional Football Association chairman, Linford Boadu Asamoah says he will want to build an complex office for the region when voted into power.

According to him, the region lacks a modernize and befitting office and his number one priority is to get an office complex that will help in the administration of football in the region.

In an interview with Happy FM, he outlined a lot of policies that can help transform football in the region.

“My number one priority is to get a complex office, which has all the needed spaces for us to work freely and conveniently.The office is small and we need to have a big one which will have a conference room, offices, kitchen and others which will make our work easy”.

Linford who has a million policies and plans to transform football in the region due to the experience he has by serving on the old administration said, “Under my tenure I will like to take off the burden off clubs where by they will pay only affiliation fees and not participation fees for tournaments”.

“I will also like to introduce refresher courses for the coaches at the grassroots. Most of the coaches at the grassroots don’t have certificates and they lack the basics. So it’s time they get the needed training so they can impact the young players. We are going to also have refresher courses for the club administrators. This will make the owners understand that football is a business and it must be run professionally”.

On branding and attracting sponsors, he said, “I also want to Brand the domestic league in the region that is the divisional and colts leagues so we can be able to secure and attract sponsorships from the corporate world. I will also bring scouts from Europe to watch our players here in the Region”.

Linford is urging the delegates in the Region to vote for him for the need change and transformation.

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